The informaon provided in this document is general advice only and has been prepared without taking account of your personal objecves, nancial situaon or needs. Before acng on any such
general advice, you should consider the appropriateness of the advice, having regard to your own objecves, nancial situaon and needs. You may wish to consult a licensed nancial advisor.
You should obtain a copy of the CSS Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and consider their content before making any decision regarding your super.
Commonwealth Superannuaon Corporaon (CSC) ABN: 48 882 817 243 AFSL: 238069 RSEL: L0001397
Trustee of the Commonwealth Superannuaon Scheme (CSS) ABN: 19 415 776 361 RSE: R1004649
Important information about this form
What this form is for
This form should be used by CSS members who by reason of physical or mental incapacity have had
their annual rate of salary reduced or had a recognised salary allowance withdrawn.
How to use this form
Please use CAPITAL LETTERS and a black or blue pen.
Mark boxes like this
with a
then fill out the next question or section.
Submitting your form
When you have completed this form, forward it to your staff clerk or pay office.
Paral invalidity pension
Superannuation Act 1976
1. Explanatory notes
2. Form
Financial advice for your needs and goals
Obtaining professional advice from an experienced financial planner can help
you reach your financial goals.
CSCs authorised financial planners provide ‘fee for service’ advice, which
means you receive a fixed quote upfront. There are no obligations, commissions
or hidden fees.
To arrange an initial advice appointment please call 1300 277 777 during
business hours.
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1. Explanatory
notes start
The purpose of a partial invalidity pension
A partial invalidity pension is designed to enable a person with a medical condition not sufficiently
serious to prevent employment to continue employment at a lower salary and have their income
supplemented by a government-financed pension.
Who is eligible?
Any eligible employee who has not attained maximum retiring age (generally age 65) whose salary
decreases in circumstances such that Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC) is satisfied
that the decrease can properly be attributed to a physical or mental incapacity.
If contributory service is between eight* and 20 years and, in the opinion of CSC, the condition(s)
by reason of which the salary was decreased, was in existence prior to joining the Fund, a reduced
partial pension will be payable. (* where contributory service is less than eight years, in the above
circumstances there is no entitlement.)
Note: If compensation is payable/being paid, there is no entitlement to partial invalidity pension.
When is the pension paid?
The pension is payable on and from the date of effect of the salary reduction. It is calculated on the
basis of a 14 day fortnight and is paid on the alternate Thursday to normal salary paydays.
Who pays the pension?
We first establish your entitlement to the pension. Payment is made by the Department of Finance
on advice from us.
How is the pension paid?
The pension will be paid by direct credit to an approved financial institution (bank, building society,
credit union) of your choice. If at any time after the pension has commenced you wish to change
the institution to which pension is being credited you only need to contact us.
Note: Pension payments by cheque will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. If you
consider that the direct credit of pension is not practicable you should submit your reasons in
writing to us.
Pension reviews
We will review the salaries used in the formula to calculate the pension on or about the same date
as the contribution rate is reviewed, ie, each birthday, or in the event that higher duties or some
other allowance is declared as salary for superannuation purposes (Form 17), or your salary is
again reduced due to a physical or mental incapacity or you are promoted.
When does the pension cease?
The pension will cease to be payable when your annual rate of salary equals or becomes greater
than the current equivalent of your salary before reduction or upon your ceasing to be an eligible
Income tax and group certificates
We are responsible for PAYG income tax deductions and the issue of associated group certificates.
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Other deductions
Facilities are not available for deductions other than income tax to be made from your pension.
Contributions will continue at the rate you were paying prior to the salary reduction and will remain at
the rate until such time as your current salary exceeds your salary prior to the reduction. Alternatively,
you may wish to contribute at a reduced rate based on your current salary; in which case you should
contact your staff clerk or pay office to make an election under section 47 of the Superannuation Act
Personal information that you or a third party provide, such as your employer, is collected, held,
used and disclosed as required or authorised by law in accordance with the privacy policies and
notice, available via or by contacting us on 1300 000 277, for the purpose of managing
your super.
This includes the management of superannuation investments, providing superannuation products and
information, the administration of accounts, conducting market research and product development.
The privacy policies and notice contain important information about how personal information
is handled, including rights to access and update that information and how a complaint about a
breach of privacy can be made.
End of
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This page has
been intentionally
left blank.
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The informaon provided in this document is general advice only and has been prepared without taking account of your personal objecves, nancial situaon or needs. Before acng on any such
general advice, you should consider the appropriateness of the advice, having regard to your own objecves, nancial situaon and needs. You may wish to consult a licensed nancial advisor.
You should obtain a copy of the CSS Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and consider their content before making any decision regarding your super.
Commonwealth Superannuaon Corporaon (CSC) ABN: 48 882 817 243 AFSL: 238069 RSEL: L0001397
Trustee of the Commonwealth Superannuaon Scheme (CSS) ABN: 19 415 776 361 RSE: R1004649
Read the Explanatory notes and each section of the form carefully before filling it in.
Personal details
Reference number (AGS)
Mr Mrs Ms Miss Other
Given name(s)
Your name
Date of birth
/ /
2. Form start
Section A continued on next page
Paral invalidity pension
Benefit application
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If you provide your email address, we will provide your pension advice letter and
Payment Summary electronically via Pensioner Services Online and notify you by
email of when they are available. Please tick this box if you want paper copies of
those documents to be sent to the postal address above instead. You can change
your communication preference at any time via Pensioner Services Online.
Identification requirements
To confirm your identity, we need some information from you—this is to protect your benefit against
fraud, money laundering and terrorism financing, under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism
Financing Act 2006.
Verifying your documents
You can authorise us to verify your identification electronically using the Document Verification
Service (DVS). DVS is a national online system that allows approved government agencies and
organisations to compare a members identifying information with a government record. It is
not a database and does not store any personal information. Requests to verify a document
are encrypted and sent via a secure communications pathway to the document issuing
authority for checking.
If you don’t provide authorisation to have documents verified electronically or your
documents are incompatible with DVS, you will need to provide certified copies of
required documents. Please also refer to the section Certifying your documents.
DVS is only compatible
with some identification
documents, these have
been listed below.
An electronic copy of your identification documents will be stored in a secure environment and hard
copies will be securely stored off-site. All copies will only be used for the purpose of confirming your
identity. You need to send in identification with every application.
Certifying your documents
If youre providing certified documents, the certifying authority must confirm in writing you are the
valid holder of the identification you are presenting, and any copies are true copies of the original.
IMPORTANT: The certification must include the name, signature, qualification and registration number
of the certifying authority (if applicable), and the date of the certification.
The following sample of certifying authorities can certify your documents in Australia:
Employee of a Commonwealth authority engaged on a permanent
basis with five or more years of continuous service who is not specified
elsewhere in this document
Financial Adviser or Financial Planner
Justice of the Peace (JP)
Legal Practitioner
Medical Practitioner
Member of the Australian Defence Force who is:
an Officer
a Non-Commissioned Officer within the meaning of the Defence Force
Discipline Act 1982 with five or more years of continuous service
a Warrant Officer within the meaning of that Act.
Notary Public
Occupational therapist
Please note:
We require a copy of
both sides of your
identification document.
For a full list of certifying authorities refer to Schedule 2 of the Statutory
Declarations Regulations 2018 available at
Section B continued on next page
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How can I meet the identification requirements?
You only need to provide one document from the Primary photographic identification category.
If you can’t provide any Primary photographic identification you will need to provide one secondary
identification document from List A AND one secondary identification document from List B. We can
only accept documents that are listed below for identification purposes.
If the name we hold on file for you is different to the name on your identification, or two pieces of
identification are in different names, please provide a certified copy of your Marriage or Change of
Name certification.
If you would like us to use DVS to verify your identification, please provide authorisation below.
I confirm that I am authorised to provide the personal details presented and I consent to the
information being checked with the document issuer or official record holder via 3rd party systems
for the purposes of confirming my identity.
You must provide a copy* of one of the following:
Primary photographic identification
DVS compatibility is shown as or
A current Australian Drivers Licence.
A current Australian Passport (or one which has expired within the last two years).
A current Australian Proof of Age card (issued under a State or Territory law).
Secondary identification requirements
Only provide these documents if you’re unable to provide one of the Primary photographic
identification documents.
List A
Your Australian Birth Certificate or extract issued by a State or Territory.
Please note: Birth Certificate extracts and Birth Certificates issued before 1970 may not be verified by DVS.
Your Citizenship Certificate issued by the Commonwealth.
Your current Pensioner Concession Card issued by the Department of Human Services.
List B
Your notice issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) within the last 12 months that shows
your name, current residential address, and records an amount payable either to or from the ATO.
Your notice issued by a local council or utilities provider in the last three months showing the
provision of services and current residential address. For example: rates notice, electricity or
water bill.
Your notice issued by the Commonwealth or a State or Territory government within the last
12 months showing your name and current residential address, and the provision of a financial
benefit. For example: a Centrelink letter.
Certifying your documents overseas
If you live overseas and need to have documents certified, it needs to be done by a person authorised
as a notary public in a foreign country, or by a person who is on a list of persons before whom a
statutory declaration may be made and who has a connection to Australia. For example: a doctor who
is registered in Australia and working overseas, or an Australian Consular Officer. Refer to and for more information. Documents provided in a foreign language must be accompanied by a
certified translation completed by an accredited translator.
Persons residing overseas and foreign residents may need to contact us.
*Please, don’t send original documents.
If your documents are
incompatible with DVS,
don’t forget to provide
certified copies.
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About your employment
Name of employer
(the government office
you are employed by)
Your method of pension payment
Type of financial institution
Savings bank Building society Trading bank Credit union
Name of institution
Name of account holder
Branch location
Branch (BSB) number
Account number
Note: If the BSB number or account number you have provided is incorrect, the payment
will not be accepted by your financial institution. If you ave any doubts what your correct
BSB number or account number is, you should confirm these details with your financial
institution before including them in this form.
I declare that the information entered on this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
Date signed
/ /
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Departmental report
1. Contributor’s reference
number (AGS)
2. Date of effect of salary
/ /
3. Former classification
OR previous
fortnightly hours
hours minutes
Note: in blocks 4 and 6 for salary and allowances insert annual salary and any allowances for
superannuation purposes
4. Former salary
5. New classification/ new
fortnightly hours
6. New salary
7. Departmental checklist
Yes No
The Commonwealth Medical Officers recommendation and
associated documents e.g. specialists reports are attached?
Are the incapacities that caused the reduction the subject of a
compensation claim or are they likely to become so?
Certificate authorising the salary reduction attached
i.e, redeployment or PPTE declaration?
If an allowance for superannuation purposes is shown in blocks 4
or 6 - are they Forms S17 relating to the allowance attached?
Is the signature of the applicant on this application the same as that
held on personnel records?
Note: contributions should continue at the rate applicable before the salary decrease until either the
current salary exceeds the salary before the decrease or the contributor makes an election under
section 47 of the Superannuation Act 1976.
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1300 000 277
Financial Advice
1300 277 777
GPO Box 2252
Canberra ACT 2601
Overseas Callers
+61 2 6275 7000
(02) 6275 7010
Certification by employer
Date signed
/ /
Need assistance?
Call us on the phone
numbers below
End Form
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