The odds of you being victimized by crime while in a public places is low.
However, your personal safety is at risk anytime you go out. For this reason,
you must protect yourself. Remember, criminals often plan crimes and look
for the right opportunity with the easiest victim. Your best defense is to
plan ahead. Being safer doesn’t require changing your lifestyle, personality,
wardrobe or to stop going out. The following crime prevention measures to are provided to increase
your personal safety and security.
Personal Safety Tips:
Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s)
Memorize your personal identi cation number
Have everything ready before arriving
Be aware of people loitering and sitting in parked cars
who may be watching customers transact business
Never use an ATM after dark
Public Transportation
Locate well-lit and frequently used bus stops
Check schedules in advance
Do not wait alone
Sit near the driver on busses
Immediately report incidents of verbal or physical
harassment to the driver
At Work
Get involved with improving work place security
Walk to and from the parking areas with other people
Avoid using the isolated and deserted stairways
If a suspicious person follows you into or is already in an
elevator, get out immediately
Check rest rooms before locking the door
Outdoor Activities
Advise someone of your route before leaving
Carry proper identi cation
Vary your route and schedule so you are not predictable
Avoid outdoor activities after dark
Carry the necessary tools in case of an emergency
Carry a personal alarm
At Home
• Have your key in hand when approaching the entryway
• Wait outside if anything looks unusual (i.e. open door or
broken window)
• Give the hide-a-key to a trusted neighbor
• No personal identi cation on key rings
• Change the locks if you lose your house keys
• Avoid walking alone. Be con dent & walk with purpose
• Choose busy, well-lit streets and avoid isolated areas,
alleys and vacant lots
• Walk facing traf c to see approaching cars
• Earphones make you less able to sense potential danger
• Keep valuables in an inside pocket and hold your purse
under your arm so they are harder to snatch
Keep your car in good running order
Plan your route in advance
Drive with the doors locked and windows rolled up
Carpooling is a safe alternative to driving alone
Don’t stop if another driver tries to force you off the road
Choose well-lit parking areas
Keep valuables and packages locked in the trunk
Always remove the keys and lock the doors
Be alert in underground or enclosed parking garages
Returning To Your Car
Have your keys ready before getting to your car
Be aware of occupied cars around you
If you carry packages, keep one hand free
Check inside and around your car before unlocking the
For emergencies, call 911
Make safety a habit.
Be alert to your surroundings.
Everyone can’t do everything,
but everyone can do something!
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