Commercial Robbery Prevention
Commercial burglaries occur after your business closes and are often crimes
of opportunity. However, commercial robberies are more personal and take
place when your business is open and employees are present. Robbery is the
act of taking something from another, by force or intimidation, that is in their
possession. While the store may suffer the loss, employees are typically effected
most by a robbery. Owners need to educate employees and take an active role in reducing robbery
The rst step is to consider the physical layout and how it protects employes inside the business.
Second, implement safety practices to discourage would-be robbers. Third, keep the business free from
clutter and maintain clear line of sights from the parking lot and throughout the businesses interior.
Finally, reassure employees that merchandise can be replaced but their safety and life are paramount
to the businesses success. Your goal is to reduce opportunity.
Before A Robbery:
Greet everyone who enters your business.
Keep doors and windows clear of signs and
posters to allow good two-way visibility.
Use video surveillance and make it well known.
Make bank deposits at least once a day.
Place a surveillance camera behind the cash
register facing the front counter.
Install a robbery alarm.
Make your sales counter clearly visible to
outside observers.
A clean environment is good for business and
uncomfortable for robbers.
Keep your business well-lit inside and outside.
After a Robbery:
Close the store and lock the doors.
Call the police; even if the alarm was activated.
Don’t touch anything the robber may have
Ask witnesses to stay until the police arrive.
Only step outside when the police arrive and
contact you via telephone.
Call your business owner, manager or other
designated person.
During a Robbery:
Stay calm and don’t resist!
Do as instructed. Don’t make sudden moves.
Keep your hands in sight at all times.
Get a look at the robber but don’t stare.
If safe - Get a description of the robber’s vehicle
and direction of travel.
Activate the panic alarm ONLY when it’s safe.
Personal safety rst! Money and merchandise
are not important.
Don’t chase or follow the robber out of your
place of business. Let the police catch the
Use a drop safe that is secured to the oor.
Post signs indicating limited cash on hand.
Professionally install security cameras to
capture the best images of the suspects.
Trim landscaping for good view into and out of
your business.
For emergencies, call 911
Remain CALM!
Get a good description of the suspect
If safe - Get a vehicle description
Call 911 as soon as possible
(360) 473-5231
1025 Burwell Street
Community Resource Unit
Bremerton Police Department
Bremerton, WA 98337