Pedestrian Safety
Being a pedestrian can be risky business. According to the
National Traf c Safety Administration, a pedestrian is injured in
a traf c related collision on average every seven minutes. Below
are a few simple guidelines that may help promote an increased
level of awareness for pedestrians.
For emergencies, call 911
Remember the law! Pedestrians should cross at marked crosswalks and obey ALL traf c
control devices. Unless speci cally directed by a traf c control device, pedestrians should not
cross diagonally in an intersection and are subject to a ne.
Wear Bright Clothing. Remember that drivers may have dif culty seeing you - Especially in
the dark.
Watch for Obstructions. Be particularly cautious when stepping out from behind parked
cars, poles and buildings that may hide you from a driver’s sight.
Stop and Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street. Never run into the
Walk Facing Traf c
Remember to Yield! Pedestrians have the legal right of way in all intersections, whether
marked or not.
Remain Alert. With all of the distractions inside your car, remember to pay close attention to
the pedestrians around you.
Right Turns. Look for oncoming traf c and for pedestrians before making a right turn.
LOOK! Use caution when approaching
unmarked intersections.
Obey school zone traf c laws!
Make safety a habit
Pedestrians - Use sidewalks and walk
facing traffic
Use caution and be alert!
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