Guest Name: Room Number:
Cell Phone Number: Departure Date:
Pet Type: Arrival Date:
As a responsible pet owner, I assume full responsibility for any and all damages and/or any soiling caused by my pet(s)
during my stay on the above dates at Brookstreet Hotel. Maximum 2 Pets
I understand a non-refundable fee of $25 per pet per night shall be taken and I agree that a refundable, $250 deposit per
pet shall be taken to cover the repair of any damages or additional cleaning requirements.
The presence of any pet in a room at Brookstreet Hotel must not inhibit safe access of our Housekeeping and
Maintenance Partners to the room. Brookstreet’s Teaser Baskets, water glasses, and other guestroom furnishings are
not to be used in the feeding of pet(s). All pets must be removed from the room to receive cleaning service.
I agree that my pet(s) shall not be left unattended in the room.
I acknowledge that pets must be leashed or crated as to not cause concern for the other guests and pets are
not allowed in any public area of the hotel including Flex Fitness Studio, Au Naturel Spa, Perspectives
Restaurant, Options Jazz Lounge, all pool and patio areas or on the golf courses, excluding able assisted
Should my pet(s) relieve itself in any area, including on the Brookstreet grounds outside, it is my responsibility to clean it
up as per the Ottawa City Bylaw sections 37, 38, 39 stating that every owner of a dog shall remove any and all feces left
by the dog immediately in the City on any private property other than the property of the owner of the dog.
I understand there is a strict no barking” and “no biting” rule in effect. In the event of excessive barking or a pet
bites another Guest or Partner, I will be asked to check-out immediately.
By way of my signature, I acknowledge that I have read and understand Brookstreet Hotel’s Pet Policy and accept full
responsibility for my pet as stated in this document.
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