Outward Telegraphic Transfer Request
The Bank Manager/ Relationship Manager
A: Sender Request I/We would like you to send the following Telegraphic Transfer:
Value Date:
Amount in Numbers:
Amount in Words:
NZD Equivalent (if applicable):
Sender’s Full Name:
Sender’s Address:
Daytime phone number:
Account number to debit for principal
Account number to debit for charges
B: Beneficiary
The telegraphic transfer is to be deposited to the following bank account:
Bank Name:
Branch Name:
Bank City:
Bank Country:
Payment Details:
Branch Number:
Account Number:
International Banking Account Number: (IBAN)
Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141, incorporated in Australia (New Zealand Division) 72642WP-3 08-14
Please use CAPITALS
Westpac use only
Branch Checklist
CRS Number: Staff Member Name:
Signature verified: Authorised By:
ID verified/Type & number: Skeleton Number (if required)
Telegraphic Transfer Cost:
Exchange Rate (if applicable) @ NZD Equivalent NZD
Charges NZD 30.00 Total to pay NZD
Telegraphic Transfer Reference:
_________ /_____________
(Record Branch Number and SPN)
C: Acknowledgement Westpac’s fee for this service is NZD30.00
Westpac has no control over the charges levied by Other Banks and these charges are subject to change
I have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Purchase overleaf
I have provided Sender details which are current and correct at time of request
Signature Date
Top Copy: Bank
Bottom Copy: Customer
Please ensure that you have read and understood these conditions before signing this agreement.
Terms and Conditions of Purchase
Westpac agrees to transmit cleared funds to the beneficiary in the currency and foreign jurisdiction nominated by you (“the Service”).
Westpac will provide the Service by transferring funds to the beneficiary’s overseas account directly or through another bank or banks (“telegraphic
transfer”). Transmission of funds will occur on the date of your instructions or the next available business day. Under normal circumstances, funds
should arrive in the beneficiary’s account within 1 to 2 business days. However, Westpac can give no general assurances on the timing of receipt of
the funds by the beneficiary. Delays may occur for a number of reasons beyond Westpac’s control. Westpac cannot be responsible for such delays.
Westpac Fees
Westpac will provide the Service in exchange for fees.
Westpac’s fee for the Service will be advised prior to purchase and the fee is payable by you.
Information in respect to Westpac’s fees and charges for the Service and Related Services are available on request at your nearest Westpac branch.
Other Bank Fees
Payment and handling charges and commissions are often levied by overseas paying, correspondent, intermediary, remitter and beneficiary banks
(“Other Banks”). Any such charges are to be borne by the beneficiary and may be deducted from the transmitted funds.
Westpac has no control over the charges levied by Other Banks and these charges are subject to change.
Please note these charges can be substantial, particularly for payments in a currency other than that of the receiving country.
The information Westpac collects on this form will be used to provide you with the Service. It may be disclosed to other members of the Westpac
Group, service providers who do things on our behalf, Other Banks, or to other third parties, where it is required or allowed by law or where you
have otherwise consented. It may also be transferred overseas by Westpac for the purpose of providing you with the Service. You can access the
information we have collected on this form by contacting the branch that you have purchased the Service from. If you do not provide the information
requested on the form, we may be unable to provide you with the Service.
You agree that where you have provided personal information about another individual (including the beneficiary) you will make that individual aware
that you have provided us with the information and you will make the individual aware of the information contained in this privacy section.
The Westpac Group means Westpac Banking Corporation and its related bodies corporate, including but not limited to Westpac New Zealand Limited,
Westpac General Insurance Limited, Westpac Life Insurance Services Limited and Westpac Financial Services Limited.
Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Obligations
You agree to provide all information to Westpac which Westpac reasonably requires in order to manage its anti-money-laundering and countering
terrorism-financing obligations, to manage its economic and trade sanction risks or to comply with any laws or regulations in New Zealand or any other
country. You agree that Westpac may refuse to establish a business relationship with you, may be required to delay, defer, stop or refuse to process
any transaction, or may terminate its business relationship with you at any time and without notice, if you fail to provide this information to Westpac in
the manner and timeframe specified by Westpac.
You agree that Westpac may delay, defer, stop or refuse to process any transaction without incurring any liability if Westpac knows or suspects that:
• thetransactionwillormaybreachanylawsorregulationsinNewZealandoranyothercountry;or
• thetransactioninvolvesanyperson(natural,corporateorgovernmental)thatisitselfsanctioned,orisconnected,directlyorindirectly,toany
person (natural, corporate or governmental) that is sanctioned, under economic and trade sanctions imposed by any country.
You agree that, unless you have disclosed to Westpac that you are acting in a trustee capacity or on behalf of another party, you are taken to have
warranted that you are acting solely on your own behalf in entering into this transaction.
All enquiries are to be directed to your nearest branch. Where enquiries involve correspondence with an overseas bank, it may be necessary to collect
additional charges. Please present this receipt showing the details of your payment to assist us with your enquiry.