Client Brief
Packaging Stewardship & Design
for end of life.
Does the packaging deliver the required shelf life and
protection for distribution and nothing more?
(i.e. is it over-engineered?)
Is the packaging designed for minimal use of
material, energy and space?
Could the packaging be simplied to a
single material?
Does the packaging aim to comply with the NZ
Plastic Packaging Declaration by 2025 or earlier?
Reusable, Recyclable or Compostable.
Is the packaging reusable?
What features make it reusable?
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If so, where does it t within the 4 reuse models?
1. Rell at Home
Users rell at home with rells purchased from retail
or sent via subscription service.
2. Rell On The Go
Bulk rell stations at retail.
3. Return On The Go
Users return packaging at a store or at drop o
collection points.
4. Return from Home:
Users collect packaging, then free-post to a recycler such
as Terracycle. Or packaging is picked up from home by a
pick-up service (e.g. a logistics company).
Is the packaging recyclable within the current NZ waste
management system?
i.e. Glass, Unlaminated Card & Paper*, Steel & Tin Cans,
Rigid Plastic Polymer 1 (Clear & Coloured** PET) and Rigid
Plastic Polymer 2 (Clear and Coloured HDPE**).
*Card or Paper with a Wax or a petroleum based polyethylene (PE) coating
cannot be recycled in New Zealand.
Plastic Polymer 5 (PP polypropylene) can be used for hot ll. Avoid plastic
polymers 3 (PVC Polyvinyl Chloride) & 6 (PS Polystyrene) altogether. Be
aware that many councils across NZ are only accepting rigid polymers 1 & 2
for recycling.
**When Coloured PET and HDPE go through the MRF they are not
separated out for recovery. They bundled into mixed plastics (that cost Visy
$100 NZ a tonne to ship overseas). If coloured HDPE is recovered through
non-mechanical recovery systems (as operate in smaller centres) then it has a
limited market for recycling in NZ.
Will the residue of the contents of the packaging impact on its reuse or
recyclability? E.g. paint, engine oil, chemicals etc.
Does the packaging contain recycled materials such as
rPET, rHDPE, recycled bre?
Please declare % of renewable content
or recycled materials.
Is the packaging home or commercially compostable,
produced with bio-based inks and adhesives?
Does it comply with a verication programme and
have you provided the appropriate logo?
Have you included in your brief, clear on-pack
communication on reusing, disassembling, recycling,
composting or disposal?
Have you looked into the Australasian
Recycling Label?
APCO have a PREP tool for assessing recyclability and
will advise nal labelling suitable for Australasia. NZ
companies can become aliate member of APCO to use
the PREP tool and the labelling masters. https://apco.prep.
If you would like to know more or have a project in mind,
please contact Janine Bickerton on +64 21 934 295