1Updated 1/2017
Newsletter Advertising Opportunity
Exclusively for NBCC Approved Continuing Education Providers
The National Board for Certied Counselors, Inc. and Aliates accepts advertisements for placement in its
newsleer, The National Certied Counselor. NBCC is pleased to oer this exclusive advertising opportunity
to NBCC Approved Continuing Education Providers (ACEPs). ACEPs that advertise in The National Certied
Counselor have the opportunity to reach more than 60,000 National Certied Counselors (NCCs) about their
counseling-related products and services, including continuing education programs.
This packet provides details about this exclusive advertising opportunity, including the NBCC Newsleer
Advertising Policy, advertisement specications, fees, and submission deadlines.
Don’t delay. Advertising space is limited, so reserve yours today!
The National Certied Counselor is the ocial newsleer of NBCC and is published three times per year.
The National Certied Counselor is distributed to all active NCCs. NCCs work in a variety of seings,
including public and private behavioral health care organizations, and educational institutions.
The National Certied Counselor is distributed to state licensure boards and more than 600 graduate-level
university counseling programs that, in turn, make the newsleer accessible to thousands of licensed
professional counselors and students.
• News and editorials pertaining to counselor certication and licensure.
Updates on continuing education opportunities and approved providers to assist certied counselors in
meeting recertication requirements.
• Updates on issues and events of interest to members of the counseling community.
3 Terrace Way, Greensboro, NC 27403
Telephone: 336-547-0607 | Fax: 336-547-0558
Updated 1/2017
Newsletter Advertising Policy
This Policy governs all newsleer advertising requests received by NBCC Approved Continuing Education
Providers, and explains the requirements for submission and approval of advertisements, and related fees.
In order to qualify to request the placement of an ACEP advertisement in the NBCC newsleer, the requesting
provider must:
1. Be an active ACEP in good standing, and not the subject of any current NBCC deciency or correction maer.
2. Agree to satisfy all requirements in the NBCC Continuing Education Provider Policy (Provider Policy).
In order for NBCC to consider an advertisement request, the ACEP must:
1. Submit to NBCC for review a completed Advertisement Request Form, along with a copy of the proposed
advertisement. An incomplete advertisement request will not be processed.
2. Pay the advertisement fee consistent with the fee schedule identied in the Advertisement Request Form.
Fees are subject to change without notice.
NOTE: All fees for advertisements that are approved for publication are non-refundable. If an advertise-
ment is rejected by NBCC based on the content and approval requirements identied in Section C of this
Policy, the ACEP will receive a partial refund of the advertising fees paid to NBCC. A portion (25%) of the
fees paid will be used for processing and are non-refundable.
An ACEP may only advertise continuing education programs that: are oered through a delivery format for which
the ACEP has been approved by NBCC; and, satisfy the requirements identied in the NBCC Provider Policy.
Updated 1/2017
Newsletter Advertising Policy
All ACEP advertisements published by NBCC must be pre-approved by NBCC, and must
satisfy the following requirements:
1. The advertisement must include: (a) the ACEP’s current and complete contact information including
business mailing address, telephone number, and email address; and, (b) the ACEP number issued by
NBCC to the provider.
2. The advertisement must not: (a) include any content that is oensive, disparaging, defamatory,
harassing, or obscene; (b) include any content that misrepresents or misstates information concerning
any product, service, publication, course, organization, or person; (c) include any content that infringes
upon any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights of NBCC or a third party; or, (d) be otherwise
inappropriate, or inconsistent with the mission and purposes of NBCC.
3. The advertisement must satisfy the following technical specications:
Pixels: The image resolution must be 600 pixels wide by 430 pixels high.
Format: The advertisement must be in one of the following formats: .eps; html; or, .jpg.
Color: The advertisement must be a greyscale or color digital image.
Properties: All fonts and artwork must be embedded in the advertisement.
Size: Advertisements must be submied in actual size, without crop or bleed marks.
1. The content and format of all ACEP advertisements must be consistent with this Policy, and are subject to
NBCC approval. NBCC reserves the exclusive right to approve or reject any advertisement request.
2. In the event that the ACEP has been suspended or terminated, NBCC reserves the right to remove an
approved, published advertisement from the newsleer.
1. Once an advertisement is approved by NBCC, the ACEP may request a modication to the content or
format of the advertisement once before each issue, which is subject to the requirements of this Policy. All
changes must be submied prior to the issue deadline.
2. The fee for modications to an approved advertisement is $200. Modication requests must be submied
before the request deadline in order to be reviewed and implemented in the requested newsleer.
3. The ACEP is responsible for notifying NBCC of any needed modications to an advertisement. Failure to
provide accurate information may result in rejection of an advertisement modication request, or removal
of the advertisement from the newsleer.
1. Approved advertisements will be published in a newsleer issue released subsequent to NBCC’s approval
of the requested advertisement, unless otherwise noted on the Advertising Space Reservation Form.
Updated 1/2017
Newsletter Advertising Policy
2. The positioning of approved advertisements in the NBCC newsleer is subject to the sole
discretion of NBCC. NBCC reserves the right to change the format of the newsleer and issue
distribution dates at any time, and without prior notice.
3. The ACEP assumes full responsibility for all content of the advertisement, and will assume all liability for
any claims that may arise from, or otherwise related to, the advertisement or the provider.
4. NBCC will not be responsible for any costs or damages associated with any failure to publish an advertise-
ment or any errors in publication of the advertisement in the newsleer.
5. NBCC assumes no liability for any delays in the production, publication, or delivery of the newsleer.
NBCC does not endorse or support the products, services, or communications of other organizations,
businesses, or individuals, including the content of ACEP advertisements published by NBCC. The following
statement will be included under all approved advertisements published in the NBCC newsleer:
NBCC does not endorse or otherwise support the products, services, or communications of other organizations,
businesses, or individuals, including the information provided in this advertisement.
NBCC will determine the appropriate placement of the statement when positioning approved advertisements
in the NBCC newsleer.
Step 1: Complete the Newsleer Advertisement Request Form.
 Please make sure to indicate the requested number of issues for publication of the advertise-
ment in section 1 of the Form.
 Please make sure to indicate the requested initial ad placement in section 2 of the Form.
Step 2: Mail the completed form and a copy of the advertisement with full payment to the address
listed on the form.
Step 3: E-mail the digital advertisement and form to advertising@nbcc.org and be sure to include
your company/organization name and ACEP number in the subject line.
Questions? Contact Michelle Gross at 336-547-0607 or e-mail advertising@nbcc.org.
Newsleer Issue Advertisement Request Deadlines
Winter February 1
Spring June 1
Fall October 1
Updated 1/2017
Newsletter Advertisement Request Form
The completed Newsleer Advertisement Request Form, full payment, and the digital
advertisement must all be received by the advertisement request deadline listed above in
order for the advertisement to be published in the corresponding newsleer issue.
Please complete this form electronically or print clearly.
Name of ACEP: ACEP Number:
ACEP’s Website:
ACEP Administrator: Telephone:
ACEP Address:
By submiing this Request Form, the undersigned represents that the identied ACEP accepts, and agrees to be bound
by, the terms of the ACEP Newsleer Advertising Policy, and the NBCC Continuing Education Provider Policy.
Signature: Title: Date:
For NBCC Use Only:
Ref.#: Batch #: Date: Amount:
Enclosed is a check or money order payable to NBCC in the amount of: .
Please charge the credit card listed below in the amount of: .
Card Type: VISA MasterCard American Express
Name on Card:
Card Number:
Expiration Date: Verication Code Numbers (from back of card):
Cardholder Signature: Date:
Daytime Telephone: Evening Telephone:
Mail this form, a copy of the ad and full payment to:
NBCC An: Accounting Dept/Newsleer, PO Box 63160, Charloe, NC 28263-3160
1. Requested Number of Issues for Publication of Advertisement:
1 Issue 2 Issues 3 Issues
$550 $1,025 $1,425
2. Requested Initial Ad Placement: Winter Spring Fall First Available
3. Ad Payment: