Name the new District
The creaon of two new Districts in the Pennsylvania Dutch Council means that we will need
new District names! Help be a part of the Councils history by subming your proposed
name for your new district!
How will this work? Use this form to submit your recommendaon by July 31, 2021 to the
Council oce. The District Key 3 and Commiees for the new Districts will vote on the sub-
missions and select a winner!
This map shows the two new districts by geography and school systems. Burnt orange is
the northern territory, and green is the southern territory that need to get named. Since
these are new districts, make sure that your submission isnt a prior district name that was
in our Council. Dont forget to draw a District logo!
Quesons, contact the Council Service Center at 717-394-4063.
District name
Your name
Unit type and number
Town where your unit meets
District logo
District Logo