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Complete this form to submit at City Hall. Or, use to submit your application entirely online.
Sign Permit
Building Services
Use this checklist to help gather all the required information and documents in order to submit a complete Sign Permit
Sign Permit Application (completely filled out)
Site plan drawn to scale shall show the following, as applicable.
Location of all buildings and driveways that are on the property (existing or proposed).
North arrow indicating the direction north.
Cross streets, alleys, easement roads or tracts, indicating street names and posted speed limits for the streets
adjacent to the property.
Location of signs. If multiple signs are proposed, use the sign numbers consistent with the sign numbers
indicated in the sign permit application.
Sight distance triangle(s) per the Public Works Pre-Approved Plan notebook shall be shown where ground-
mounted signs are located adjacent to a street, driveway, easement road or tract. A handout is available from
the Public Works or Planning Departments, or call 425-587-3800 for more information.
Building elevations shall be provided to show the locations of all wall-mounted signs on all sides of the building(s)
of the subject business.
Other plans shall show the following, as applicable.
Total size of signage, in square feet
Shape and dimensions of each sign.
Relationship of each sign to total structure.
Construction materials to be used.
Colors to be used. (For paper submittal, one of the submitted plan sets shall be printed in color.)
Lettering to be used.
Number and wattage of lights and other electrical devices related to the sign(s).
Method of construction. Plans shall show the weight, fastening/anchoring, details and means of structural
Foundation information for ground-mounted signs shall include footing dimensions, depth of bury, pole type
and size, etc., and must be designed to withstand wind and seismic loads per Chapter 16 of the IBC. (If the
designer of the foundation is not capable of doing these calculations, then a WA State licensed architect or
engineer shall be retained for the design.)
Landscaping. (Required around the base of ground-mounted signs per KMZ Section 100.95.)
Notes showing compliance with KZC Chapters 100 & 162, KMC Title 21, and Appendix H of the IBC.
Owner/Renter/Lessee Affidavit. To be provided when the property owner, renter or lessee chooses to purchase a
permit to do an electrical installation for a sign on his/her own or qualified leased property under the conditions as
described in RCW 19.28.261.
Note: If new, extended or modified circuits or electrical wiring is proposed, the electrical work can be included on the
sign permit application, otherwise a separate Electrical Permit
must be obtained from the City of Kirkland.