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Updated 12/21/2017
Doctoral Student Enrollment Policy
for F-1 International Students
General Information
At Liberty University, doctoral programs are offered mainly through online and intensive courses. This format is different
from the traditional residential programs in which international students typically enroll. International students may join
doctoral programs as long as they comply with three requirements necessary to maintain F-1 Status here in the U.S. This
form is to be signed before an I-20 can be issued to a student applying for a doctoral program that involves online and
intensive courses.
1. Maintain full-time enrollment each semester
Enroll in no less than 6 total credit hours of coursework in any given fall or spring semester, or, alternately, for
programs that do not operate on a semester basis, no less than 6 credit hours in any given 6-month period, with the
“period” being defined by the span between January 1-June 30 and July 1-December 31. Additional criteria and
qualifications apply:
Doctoral students must enroll in at least 3 credits of residential studies during each semester or each 6-month
Residential courses include:
o Traditional semester-long courses that meet in a classroom
o Intensive courses
o Independent studies
o Thesis course work
At least one residential course must be taken during the regular spring semester (JAN-MAY) and the fall
semester (AUG-DEC)
Only 3 online credits can be taken into consideration to meet the required full time criteria each semester
During the dissertation/thesis preparation and defense, students may enroll in only the dissertation/thesis
research and dissertation/thesis defense courses
2. Remain in the U.S. during their studies
Students must remain in the U.S. during the fall and spring semesters.
3. Report enrollment plan before each semester begins
Students must complete the Doctorate Registration Form each semester.
The International Student Advisor (ISA) will email the form to all students.
Employment Benefits
Like all international students, doctoral students are eligible for certain employments benefits. Any unauthorized
employment will result in immediate termination of the student’s SEVIS record and possible deportation from the U.S. The
only authorized employment options are:
1. On Campus Employment
Students may apply through the Human Resources Department for campus job openings. Students may work up to
18 hours per week during the university semesters, and up to full-time during official university breaks (Spring
Break, Summer Break, etc.)
2. Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
Students may apply for CPT employment authorization by contacting their ISA. CPT can be given for courses that
require students to gain field experience in the area of their studies. Examples include independent study and
dissertation research. Please contact your ISA to learn more about CPT.
I agree to the Enrollment Requirements as listed on this form for the doctoral program that I wish to join.
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