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Updated 12/21/2017
Doctoral Studies Registration Information Form
for F-1 International Students
General Information
To maintain F-1 status, international students must register for a full-time course load. Full-time at the doctoral
level requires six (6) hours per semester, three (3) hours of which may be online. Students are expected to be
enrolled at the beginning of each semester. However, due to the late registration period of many doctoral intensive
courses, doctoral students on F-1 visa status are required to submit this form before January 1
and July 1
declare their enrollment plans. After submitting this form, students may change which courses they will take
without completing a new form, but they must still meet the residential requirement. At least one residential
course must be taken during the regular spring semester (JAN-MAY) and during the fall semester (AUG-DEC).
Indicate below how you plan to meet the residential requirement for the next semester:
FALL Semester Enrollment Options - August 1
December 31
(pick one)
3 credit Fall semester-long residential course
3 credit fall intensive course (September December)
SPRING Semester Enrollment Options - January 1
May 31
(pick one)
3 credit Spring semester-long residential course
3 credit spring intensive course (January April)
Please note that students may take an unlimited number of online courses each semester. However, only
(3) online hours will count towards the total of (6) hours required by US Citizenship and Immigration
Services each semester to maintain F-1 status.
Print name ID# ______________________
Student Signature Date
Semester (Check one): Fall ______ Spring ______ Year: 20____
My six hours for the semester indicated above will be:
This form must be submitted to your International Student Advisor prior to the first day of classes each
semester. Failure to submit this form or enroll in the required residential hours can result in the
termination of F-1 student status.
1. Course Name & Number
Dates of Course ________________________________ to
Credit Hours (Check one) Residential Intensive Online
2. Course Name & Number
Dates of Course ______________________________ to
Credit Hours (Check one) Residential Intensive Online
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