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Updated 5/24/2018
Concurrent Enrollment Form
for F-1 International Students
General Information: As an F-1 international student you are allowed to take additional courses at another
institution as long as youre enrolled full-time at Liberty. No special permission is needed from Liberty. However,
students who wish to combine courses from Liberty University and courses from another institution to meet the
full-time enrollment requirement must receive approval.
Concurrent Enrollment Conditions:
I as a student will NOT be full-time at Liberty University OR at_______________________________________
I will enroll at each school to total full-time enrollment (12 hours for undergraduate, 9 hours for
graduate, 6 hours for doctoral students).
I understand that my I-20 will remain at Liberty University and I must maintain my F-1 status.
I will report my enrollment (must be 12-18 hours combined) to Liberty University upon
completion of the semester by submitting transcripts to the International Student
Approval for Concurrent Enrollment
Student Name Liberty ID#
I am seeking permission: to take additional courses at another school for concurrent enrollment
I am seeking permission for the fall spring semester of (year).
Please list all courses you plan to take at Liberty and at for the indicated semester:
Course Name & Number
Course Title
Number of Hours
Total Hours:
I realize that I must complete all my courses at each institution and that if I do not maintain full-time enrollment
I will violate the terms of my F-1 status in the United States and will be out of status.
Student signature Date ____/____/______
The student has completed the F-1 Student Concurrent Enrollment Eligibility Form and has
met all requirements to enroll in the classes as indicated above.
Designated School Official Signature Date____/____/______
The student has met all Liberty requirements to take additional course and/or enroll concurrently at
______________________ for the semester indicated above and will be able to maintain F-1 status for the
Liberty University Designated School Official Signature Date____/____/______
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