You may not have thought of this before but there are two ways to look at what your Health is
cosng you. (1.) Emoonally (2.) Financially
They both play a big impact on moving forward and making changes to becoming the healthier
happier you.
Take your me when reecng on these… emoonally it can be confronng seeing what your
health is cosng you.
Grab a cuppa and start typing away.
1. Write down the emoonal aspect your health is cosng you... illness, missing out, family,
relaonship, health etc:
reay costing you?
2. Financially is always an eye opener and here I would like you to write down the money you are
spending during the year on items in relaon to your health:
Take Away Meals - per week x 12: ________________________________
Eang Lunch Out - per week x 12: ________________________________
Smoking per packet every week x 12: _____________________________
Medicaons on average over 12 months: _________________________
Alcohol per week or on average over 12 months: __________________
Take Away Coee - per week x 12: _______________________________
Snacks – chocolates, chips, so drinks per week x 12: _____________
Unused gym memberships: ______________________________________
Shakes: ________________________________________________________
Buying bigger clothes: __________________________________________
Other: _________________________________________________________
Total $ ______________________________
Pop any extras if I haven’t listed them there.
BTW – even I was surprised at the money I can waste during the year.
Prey scary hey!
Please email your completed Daily Acvity Sheet to me at jo@backtobasicshealthsolu to receive my personal
feedback and answer any private quesons you may have. Then pop over to our Facebook Group to share your thoughts,
experiences and any other quesons you may have with the Back to Basics Community!
reay costing you?
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