City of Kankakee
Kankakee Day Parade 2020
• A parade application (available on line) must be submitted by Friday, May 15, 2020.
• Failure to submit an application could disqualify unit from parade participation.
• The parade route will start on Chestnut and Schuyler and end on Indiana and Hickory.
• Participation in the parade shall be limited to Kankakee, surrounding area businesses and residents.
• Every business or organization is allowed to enter a float, musical unit, precision demonstration or decorated vehicle.
• All drivers must possess a valid driver’s license and registration for the vehicle. Floats must conform to the regulations.
• No float may exceed 13.5 feet in height due to traffic lights and power lines. In addition, floats may not exceed 21 feet
in width. Please measure the total entry length, including the vehicle, tow bar, and float to ensure sufficient spacing for
the staging area.
Persons riding on floats shall be located on the main part of the float and positioned in such a way so as not to
obstruct the vision of the operator.
Persons shall remain on the unit to which they are assigned to the end of the parade route, except in case of
All entries having music or sound amplifying systems shall maintain a volume that will not interfere with other entries,
especially those with animals. If a unit is informed by a parade official that the noise generated by their unit is too loud,
they shall immediately turn the volume down.
• All unmanned aerial systems, UAVs, drones or other flying devices are strictly prohibited during the parade.
• Throwing or distribution of items of any kind from a float or parade unit is strictly forbidden. You may have “walkers”
who can pass out or throw wrapped candy to spectators on edge of parade route in a safe manner.
Delaying or stopping the forward motion is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply can ban you from participating in
future events.
• 20 feet should be maintained between delegations throughout parade route. Movement must be in a
forward motion, maintaining specific intervals. Please cooperate with parade officials and police.
• All animal units must be registered by parade application. Participants must provide street cleaning services following
horses and dogs in assembly area along the parade route. Caged animals and/or animals on a leash deemed dangerous
to the public are not permitted.
Inappropriate conduct or behavior on the part of any unit or individuals will be immediately removed from the parade
by parade officials or police.
Participants will ensure that all trash is properly disposed of in receptacles while in the
assembly and dispersal areas.
Participants are responsible for maintaining order and responding to any order by parade
officials or police. Failure to comply will eliminate participation.
ASSEMBLY AREA Marchers will assemble at the Public Safety Building located at 385 Oak Street in Kankakee. More
information will be sent to you after the application is received. Parade management and volunteers in the assembly
area will direct participants to their designated color-coded assembly areas and numbers.
BAND BUSES Buses will drop off at Public Safety Building unless advised otherwise by the parade management. Buses
can pick up band members at Saint Patricks Church on Hickory and Indiana at end of parade.
PRIVATE CHARTER BUSES All private buses must register with parade officials to receive the required placard
for access into the assembly and dispersal areas. Buses will drop off at Public Safety Building unless advised
otherwise by the parade management.
ALL PARTICIPANTS Will be given a report to lineup time starting at 8:00 a.m. with everyone present by 9:30 a.m., one
hour before start time. Location may change and participants will be notified in ample time.
LINE OF MARCH The parade will begin at the intersection of Schuyler & Chestnut and proceed down Schuyler Avenue
to Station Street, then to Indiana Avenue (Map Included). Parade route is .5 miles long.
PARADE VIEWING Parade viewing in the assembly area is not permitted. The parade route offers excellent viewing all
along Schuyler Avenue, Station Street, and Indiana Ave.
DISPERSAL AREA When marchers reach the dispersal area (Saint Patrick’s Church), they will be directed by parade
DISPERSAL AREA FOR LARGE VIHICLES OR FLOATS will be directed and dispersed by parade staff and may continue
down Indiana Avenue to exit parade route.
FIRST AID Paramedics will be stationed along the parade route. If medical assistance is required, please notify the
nearest police officer or parade official for help. We suggest you assign a qualified person within your unit to “spot” any
problems with participants.
Once Application is approved you will receive a Parade Packet which includes this information again, guidelines for
candy and amount you should have, arrival times, color code and number for line up.
Please email for any additional questions.
City of Kankakee
Kankakee Day Parade Registration Form
Parade Date: Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 10:30 a.m.
Individual, group, or organization’s name: __________________________________
Contact Person: __________________________ Phone #:______________________
Address: _____________________________________
Email: _____________________________________
Type of entry (please circle):
Marchers Marching Band Current Elected Official
Float Trailer Dance Group
Equestrian Singers Automobile
Other: _______________________
Brief description of entry: _________________________________________________
I, ________________________________________, as a group representative release, remise
and forever discharge the parade organizers, volunteers, and the City of Kankakee severally or
jointly, of all liability claims, actions and possible loss of action that may accrue to any member
of the group from every and any possible loss, damage and injury (including death) that may
be sustained while participating in the parade. We release any claim to photographs or videos
of the parade to the City of Kankakee. We also agree to abide by the rules set forth for the
Kankakee Day Parade.
Signature: _________________________________________ Date: _____________________
Name of Group: _______________________________________________________________
This parade is a fun community event; please keep to a positive expression on your entry.
The organizers reserve the right to refuse entry and participation.