Town of Elon
Planning Board Agenda
January 21, 2020
5:30 PM
Town Hall
104 S. Williamson Avenue
Agenda Items
A. Call to Order
B. New Business
i. 10-15 Minute Interview with Planning Board Candidates
ii. Review and Consideration: Appointments to the Planning Board
C. Items from Board Members
D. Board of Aldermen Updates
E. Motion to Adjourn
Agenda Item # B-i and ii._______
Town of Elon Planning Board
104 S. Williamson Avenue PO Box 595
Elon, NC 27244
Interviews with
Planning Board
Candidates and
Prepared by:
Pamela DeSoto,
Assistant Town
Description of Request
The Planning Department currently has three applications for service to the
Planning Board and these are offered for your consideration. The Planning Board
currently has one In-town Regular seat open, one ETJ Regular seat open, one In-
town Alternate seat open, and one ETJ Alternate seat open. In response to the
Planning Boards request, staff has invited the candidates to the January meeting
for brief (10-15 minute) meetings with each candidate individually to better equip
the Planning Board to make recommendations. Of the available applications, one
In-town Regular and one In-town Alternate member may be selected (all three
applicants reside within the Towns corporate boundary).
Enclosed is a questionnaire that is being offered to guide the interviews. The
questionnaire has also been provided to each of the three candidates. They were
asked to be prepared to respond to the questions during their meeting with the
Planning Board and only fill out and submit written responses if they were unable
to attend the meeting.
Procedural Issues
Elons Land Development Ordinance (LDO) offers the following summary of the
Powers and Responsibilities of the Planning Board.
1. To consider and make recommendations to the Board of Aldermen
concerning proposed Land Development Ordinance amendments, including
text amendments and map amendments according to the procedures
prescribed in the Ordinance.
2. To consider and make recommendations to the Board of Aldermen
concerning proposed subdivisions and site plans and master plans.
3. To make interpretations of any portion of the Land Development Ordinance.
4. To consider and make recommendations to the Board of Aldermen on all
issues and petitions related to the Land Development Plan or other land use
plans, studies, or other matters as directed by the Board of Aldermen.
5. To review the Land Development Ordinance from time to time and make
recommendations for changes.
6. To exercise any other power and authority provided to it by the Board of Aldermen, the Land
Development Ordinance, or state law.
The Planning Board also serves as Elons Board of Adjustment. The LDO describes the powers and
responsibilities of this body as follows.
1. To hear and decide appeals from any order, decision, determination, or interpretation made by the LDO
Administrator pursuant to or regarding the Ordinance.
2. To hear and decide variances from the requirements of the Ordinance in harmony with the general
purpose and intent of the Ordinance and where carrying out the strict and literal interpretation and
enforcement of the provisions of the Ordinance relating to the construction or alteration of buildings or
structures or the use of land would result in unnecessary hardships.
3. To interpret any portion of the Ordinance, including disputed planning district boundaries.
4. To hear and decide all other matters referred to it as required by the Ordinance.
Staff recommends that the Planning Board review the applications, meet with the candidates, and make
recommendations to the Board of Aldermen at their earliest convenience.
Enclosures: Planning Board Applicant Questionnaire
Application: John Harmon
Application: Phillip Owens
Application: Ed Peters
Planning Board Applicant Questionnaire
How long have you been a resident of Elon? ___________________________________________
Why do you wish to obtain this appointment? ___________________________________________
Are you familiar with the Towns Comprehensive Land Use Plan or Land Development Ordinance?
(They can be accessed at the Towns website under Planning, Zoning, and
Development Services). Yes ______ No ______
Rate your support for the Comprehensive Plans Vision Statement (The Town of Elon builds upon its
strong foundation by continuing to ensure a vibrant and progressive community for all residents)
using a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 signifying no support and 10 signifying great support. __________
Rate your support for the Comprehensive Plans Mission Statement (Support a vibrant and connected
community life by investing in and enabling a remarkable quality of life for all residents) using a scale
of 1 to 10 with 1 signifying no support and 10 signifying great support. __________
Please offer any justification or reasoning you may have for the ratings above. _________________
Please describe any skills, education, training, experience, or area(s) of expertise you would bring to
this appointment. ___________________________________________________________________
Have you had any issues with the Town of Elon which relate to the work of the Planning Board?
Yes _____ No ______ If yes, please explain: __________________________________________
Do you have any known conflicts of interest that might arise if you are appointed? Yes ___ No ____
If yes, please explain: _______________________________________________________________
If you have previously served on a county or town board, commission, task force, or advisory
committee (within or outside of Elon), please describe the quality of your experience.
Feel free to add any additional information that you wish Elons Planning Board, Board of Aldermen,
or Planning Director to know. _________________________________________________________
Submit Application
Please fill out PDF, save to your computer then attach & email to:
John C. Harmon
567 Olsen Dr, Elon, NC 27244 Phone: 678.920.2388 E-Mail:
Work Experience
Vice President / Chief Financial Officer, several International Not For Profit Orgs. 1982-Present
Chief Pilot and Aviation Department Manager SIL International, Brasilia, Brazil 1980-1983
Commercial Pilot and Aircraft Mechanic SIL International, Rondonia, Brazil 1972-1982
Master of Business Administration Univ. of South Carolina, Columbia 1992
Concentration in international business, finance, and accounting.
Member, Beta Gamma Sigma scholastic honor society
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor 1967
Other Training
Audited one year of business law Wingate University, NC 1995-1996
FAA Commercial Aircraft Pilot, Instrument Rated; Aircraft Mechanic 1970-1972
Community Involvement
Assistant Emergency Coordinator, Gwinnett County (GA) Amateur Radio Emergency Services
Member, Police Advisory Council, Monument, CO
Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services Office of Emergency Management,
El Paso County (CO) Sheriff’s Office
To: Enoch, Dianne
Subject: New submission from Boards and Commissions Volunteer Application
Date: Sunday, November 03, 2019 6:57:18 PM
Edwin Peters
109 Whitesell Dr.
Elon, North Carolina 27244
United States
Map It
Is your physical address in the town limits or in the ETJ?
Town Limits
(336) 269-2720
Select the Boards or Commissions you are interested in.
Planning and Zoning
Are you a citizen of the United States?
Are you currently serving or have you ever served on a public board or commission in Elon or
Specific Qualifications
I have lived in Elon for 27 years.
I owned and operated a business in Elon for over 10 years.
I have been a police officer in Elon for almost eight years. Being a police officer has enabled me to be out
in the neighborhoods and speak with the residents. Speaking with the residents has enabled me to hear
their concerns regarding the town.
As a police officer I have a deep knowledge of the town ordinances and their enforcement.
Please tell us why you are interested in volunteering.
I believe living in Elon as a resident, it is very important to take part in decision making that reflects on the
I believe as a past business owner in Elon for over 10 years I gained valuable knowledge and experience
that can help me in the decision making concerning the Planning Board.
Town of Elon
Board of Aldermen
Regular Meeting
January 14, 2020
Municipal Building, 6:00 PM
A. Board of Aldermen Meeting Minutes
1. December 2, 2019 Agenda Session Meeting
2. December 10, 2019 Regular Meeting
B. FY19 Annual Audit Review-Patricia Rhodes, Stout Stuart McGowen & King
The public may speak on any non-agenda item up to three minutes.
An agenda item will only be discussed at its appropriate time.
Public Hearing items can only be discussed during the public hearing.
Be sure to sign in, stand, and state your name and address for the Minutes.
A. Fidelity Bank Resolution - APPROVED
A. Twin Lakes Community Major Development Plan - APPROVED
A. Town Manager
B. Mayor and Board of Aldermen