City of Bowie
Community Outreach Committee
2020-2021 Grants Program
The City of Bowie’s Community Outreach Committee awards grant money to individuals, groups
and/or organizations to assist in facilitating programs which benefit Bowie residents in a variety of
Complete applications, including letters of recommendation, and all attachments, must be received no
later than October 9, 2020 at 5 p.m.
Who may apply: Individuals, groups or organizations who will provide or currently provides a
program or project that benefit residents of the City of Bowie. Grant applicants do not need to be
City residents; however, programs should be conducted whenever possible within the incorporated
City of Bowie, which has a greater likeliness of including City residents.
Purpose of the Grant: Community Outreach Committee grants are awarded in areas of social
services, youth, senior citizens, and mental health. Please note that this year, we are also highlighting
projects that include a social justice component.
Individuals, groups and/or organizations which
provide services that assist underserved residents of the incorporated City of Bowie are also
encouraged to apply. Due to the current pandemic, all applications must follow local, county
and state COVID orders and provide a detailed overview as to how your project will be
executed virtually. Priority consideration will be given to new projects and programs.
Applicants are encouraged to start new programs, although existing programs will be considered.
Funds: Grants are awarded for up to $5,000 each.
Application process:
Applicants must complete and submit all parts of the application in one package. Please note:
Incomplete application packages will not be considered for funding.
The Community Outreach Committee reviews applications and determines which applicants
should be awarded funding.
Recommendations for awards are submitted to the Bowie City Council for approval. Please
note that the selection committee can request additional information or documentation from
applicants at any period during the application process.
All applicants will be notified of the Selection Committee’s decision by mail in early October
Please note that an application check list has been provided on page 8 to assist with putting together the
grant package. Please submit this completed form with your application.
Applications must be received at City Hall no later than Friday, October 9, 2020 by 5 p.m.
Should you have questions or need additional information, please contact Lori Cunningham at 240-
544-5601.Email requests and applications should be emailed to
Required information:
Date submitted:
Title of grant project:
Amount of money requested from the City of Bowie for this project: $______________________
Individual, group or organization name: ___________ ___________________
Business Address:
Contact name/title:
Mailing Address (if different from above):
Telephone: _________________________E-mail address___________________________
Best time to call: ______a.m. ______p.m.
Please submit the completed application to:
Lori Cunningham at
(Email is preferred)
Community Outreach Committee
Bowie City Hall
15901 Excalibur Road
Deadline: Friday, October 9, 2020 by 5 p.m.
Organizational Status (Check all that apply)
Not for profit For-profit
New organization Existing organization
The number of years the group or organization has been in existence: _______________
The number of years this project has been in existence: _______________
Federal ID Number (if applicable):
All items below are REQUIRED: (Be as clear and concise as possible.)
1. Describe your proposal in detail. The following items must be included:
Specific goals and purposes of the proposed project
A clear explanation of the project and how it will be implemented virtually
Description of activities and how they will be used to reach goals/meet needs of residents
Materials: describe and explain their use
Provide dates for project implementation and completion.
Explain the frequency and duration of activities
Project timeline (in chronological order)- please note that if you receive a grant award, we will
onfirm that you are following your proposed timeline prior to any disbursement of funds.
Target population
Description of eligibility requirements for participants
Explain the number of eligible people that will be included
Description of specific methods to be used for recruitment of participants
If this is a new or repeat project, explain the ways this differs from the ongoing programs
provided by this individual, group or organization.
Explain expected outcomes and benefits of this project to the residents being served and the
Include if your program is part of a social justice project or initiative and provide details.
2. Funding: Include a detailed budget, using the budget form provided.
Explain the following:
How the requested funds will be used.
Describe “in kind” services (donations of volunteer hours, materials or other non-monetar
Describe other funding sources (source, whether received, awaiting grant award, or other,
expenses covered)
Describe how you will complete this project if other funding is not received.
If only partial funding is received, describe how you will be able to implement this project.
Tips for completed the Budget Request Form:
List items individually.
All expenses associated with this project must be included with detailed explanations provided
The budget chart may be copied if additional space is needed
NOTE: Funds cannot be expended prior to notification of grant award. Reimbursement and vendor
payment requests must be submitted by May 31, 2020 to allow time for payments/reimbursements
prior to the end of the fiscal year!
3. Number of individuals to be served by this project. Explain how numbers were determined for the
following questions:
Total number of individuals to be served_____
Of the individuals served, how many do you project will be incorporated City of Bowie
4. Documentation required:
Document location of project:
o If using the property of the applying group or organization, document ownership or lease of
facility, for this use, clarifying how this differs from its regular use. Note whether the
facility is accessible for persons with disabilities.
o Include location where project will be implemented, providing documentation showing
approval by the responsible party for this specific activity to take place at the proposed
o Provide County or other licenses or approvals that are needed for the project and/or use of
the facility.
Provide documentation of partnerships with other individuals, organizations or groups that will
play a key role in your project.
Provide letters and/or articles, showing past experience/expertise of the individual, group or
organization implementing this project.
Signed “Accuracy of Information,” “Hold Harmless” and “Fund Expenditure statements, on
page 6.
5. Mission Statement. Include the goals and purposes as well as a brief but concise historical overview
of your organization. How does this project help fulfill this mission?
6. Additional Attachments.
a) You may attach up to (4) four typed pages of additional information that you wish to
have considered. These may include a brochure or article about similar projects, expertise
of trainer, person implementing program or summary of research showing the need for
programs like the one you are proposing.
b) You may include up to two (2) letters of recommendation or other supporting
documentation. Please note that any additional information provided beyond this may
not be considered.
Additional Items to Note:
Evaluation: An evaluation form will be provided to grant recipients. Completed form must be
returned by May 31, 2020.
Changes to Grant Project: Once awarded, any changes to your grant project must be submitted
in writing and receive approval prior to the expenditure of funds for that portion of the project.
Please note that failure to do so may result in voiding your grant agreement.
Federal regulations that apply to the City of Bowie shall also apply to your organization.
Your organization shall be subject, when necessary, to an audit designed by the City Manager for
an accountability of funds.
Return this application, with all required information and attachments
City of Bowie Community Outreach Committee
Via email:
(Email is preferred) or
Bowie City Hall
15901 Excalibur Road
Bowie, Maryland 20716
Please read and sign the two statements below and return with your application:
Accuracy of Information Statement
All information included in this 2020-2021 Community Outreach Committee Grant
application is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
Name (Print): _______________________________________________
Signature: _______________________________________________
Title: _______________________________________________
Date: ___________________________________________________
Printed Name: ____________________________________________
2020-2021 Community Outreach Committee Grants
“Hold Harmless” and Fund Expenditure” Statements
Please sign, fill in the information, and return the form below, with your application:
I understand and agree that the City assumes no responsibility or liability for injuries to persons
or property that result from or relate to use of the funds received by me from the City pursuant to
this grant. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City and its officers and employees from
any claims, damages, judgments or losses arising from any injuries to persons or property arising
in connection with or related in any way to use of the funds received by me from the City pursuant
to this grant.
I further agree that funds will be spent only as specified in the Grant notification letter. Any
changes must be approved in advance of expenditure.
Signature of Applicant ________________________________Date___________
Applicant’s Name (please print) _______________________________________
Company name ____________________________________________________
Company address___________________________________________________
Phone ______________________Email _____________________________
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Budget Request Form
Title of project_________________________ Name of applicant_______________________ Organization _____________________
Description of Item Requested for
(Monetary Amount &
Funding from
other sources
from this
(Should match to
summary request)
* Note: See # 2 under “Required Items: Funding,” on page 3 of this application for additional assistance with completing the budget.
City of Bowie Community Outreach Grants
Application Checklist
Provided for your use, as a guide for preparation of your grant package, this form must be completed
and included with your application.
Required Information
Does your project meet the needs of Bowie residents? _____
Have you included explanations of target population, benefits of project, etc? _____
Have the forms on page 6 of your application been signed as required? _____
Have you filled in all spaces provided for required information? _____
Have you answered all questions and included all required information, such as
goals, purpose, explanation of activities and their implementation, benefit to
target population, use of materials, timeline and other requirements? _____
Have you completed the detailed budget form with required explanations? _____
Is all supplemental information, such as documentation of location, partnerships,
approvals and recommendations, included? _____
Project Organization and Content Yes/No
Does your project fit with the purpose of the grants? ______
Is your description clear and concise? ______
Does your application include starting and ending dates? ______
Have you followed all guidelines included on the application? ______
Is information included easy to read and understand? Does it flow logically? ______
Do the major points stand out? ______
Does it meet limits on length and attachments? ______