City of Bowie
Department of Planning & Community Development
15901 Excalibur Road
Bowie, Maryland 20716
Applicant Name: __________________________________________________________________________
Property Address: _________________________________________________________________________
Zoning: ______________________________________ Total Area (sq. ft.) __________________________
DESCRIBE WHAT YOU PROPOSE TO CONSTRUCT: (For example: a 12’ x 19’ family room addition in
the rear of the dwelling.) ______________________________________________________________________
27-442 (c) Table II (Lot Coverage)
27-442 (c) Table IV (Required Yards) Front Side Rear
(check one)
27-120.01 (c) Parking space, parking area, parking structure in front of a dwelling.
Other: ____________________________________________________________________________________
ZONING REQUIREMENT: (from above section) ____
AMOUNT OF VARIANCE REQUESTED: ______________________________________________________
Filing Date: _____________________ Application # PDVAR- ____________ Reviewer: ______________
Number of Signs: ______Sign Fee: $________ Filing Fee: $__________ Total: $__________________
Director Approval Date: ______________________
Telephone: 301-809-3047
Facsimile: 301-809-2315
Number of public notice signs and date posted: _____ ___________
Number of public notice letters and date mailed: _____
In order for the Planning Director to grant a Variance authorized pursuant to City Ordinance O-5-19 (As
Amended), he/she shall make the following findings, pursuant to Section 26-25 of the City Code:
A. A Variance from lot size, setback and similar requirements of the Prince George’s County Zoning
Ordinance from which a Variance may be granted may only be granted upon a finding that:
(1) A specific parcel of land has exceptional n
arrowness, shallowness, or shape, exceptional
topographic conditions, or other extraordinary situations or conditions;
COMMENT:________________________________________________________________________ _
(2) The strict application of the County Zoning Ordinance will result in peculiar and unusual practical
difficulties to, or exceptional or undue hardship upon, the owner of the property; and,
COMMENT: ________________________________________________________________________ _
(3) The Variance will not substantially impair the intent, purpose, or integrity of any applicable
County General Plan or County Master Plan.
Determinations: (to be completed by staff)
1. The Subject Property is zoned ___________________ and contains _______ square feet.
2. The Subject Property is currently improved with __________________.
3. Section 27-442 (c) (Table II) of the Zoning Ordinance prescribes that lots in the zone
shall not have lot coverage in excess of ______________.
4. Total existing lot coverage was calculated by M-NCPPC Permits Section staff to be
_______ square feet. The applicant is requesting a Variance to _________________.
A Variance of ________ square feet, or ______ resulting in a total lot coverage of
_______ is requested.
5. There was no response from the _______ property owners notified of the Variance request.
6. The required findings established in Section 26-25 of the City Code have been met.
Recommendation: Given the above determinations, Application PDVAR-_______ is
________________ .
Joseph M. Meinert, AICP
Director of Planning and Community Development
City of Bowie, MD
Date: ____________________ By: _________________________
Joseph M. Meinert, AICP
Director of Planning and
Community Development