Student Name: ____________________________
MC ID#: _____________
The information you reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the information you
submitted on your admissions application both state that you have a high school diploma or its equivalent, but do not
This discrepancy must be cleared before we can award you financial aid. Federal Regulations require that we report
the type of diploma/certificate you have. Please indicate which one of the following applies to you. Based on your
response below, you may need to make corrections to your FAFSA.
_____ U.S. High School Diploma (from an accredited high school in the U.S)
_____ U.S. General Education Development (GED) Certificate (from a U.S. State agency)
_____ U.S. Homeschool
Completion of a secondary school education in a U.S. homeschool setting that is treated as a
homeschool or private school under State law and has obtained a home school completion
credential. Must meet state laws for completion of a secondary school in a homeschool setting.
_____ Foreign High School Diploma or Certificate
Credentials received after completing all examinations necessary to complete your graduation
requirements in a foreign country. (Example: Leaving Certificate, Baccalaureate, etc.)
_____ Ability to Benefit (ATB)
Have taken an ATB test at Montgomery College or another U.S. college or university
___Completion of 6 credit hours at a U.S. college or university prior to 7/1/2012
____ Completion of a U.S. Associates
Degree or 60 credit hours toward a 4-year degree
_____ I Will Not Have Earned My High School Diploma or Qualified for Ability-to-Benefit (ATB)
Before Starting School at Montgomery College (Please see a Financial Aid Representative)
I certify th
at all the information contained on this form is complete and correct. NOTE: If you purposely
give false or misleading information, you may be imprisoned and/or fined up to $25,000. I
understand that this form must be signed and submitted with all other requested documents before the
student’s financial aid will be processed. Electronic signatures are not accepted. Please sign in ink.
Student Signature: ________________________________________ Date: ____________________
Office use only: U.S. and or foreign diploma already is in imaging AEM_____ FA_____
Office of Student Financial Aid
Phone : (240)567-5100
Clarification of High School Equivalency