Office of Student Financial Aid
Rockville Germantown Takoma Park/Silver Spring
Phone: 240-567-5100 Fax: 240-567-7814
Loan Exit Counseling is federally mandated in order to help the student understand how to
manage their student loan debt. Accumulating student loan debt can be very easy; however,
repayment can present the student with challenges and responsibilities that require a little more
skill to manage. Completing the Exit Counseling does not mean that a student cannot apply for
future loans. Exit Counseling provides the student with the basic tools for navigating the
information on loan repayment options, a record of who holds the loans, a history of the
students’ loans along with money management tips.
Who is required to complete Exit Counseling?
Loan Exit Counseling is required for borrowers of Federal Stafford Loan(s) and Federal Direct
Loan(s) if the following conditions apply:
If you currently are not enrolled at least half time (6 credits),
If you hav
e graduated or plan to graduate by the end of the semester, or
If you plan to transfer to another school by the end of the semester.
A holdis placed on the student’s account blocking future registration, viewing of grades and
receiving transcripts. Once the counseling requirement is met the hold can be removed
allowing access to records.
Instructions for completing Exit counseling on-line
1. Log onto
2. Select complete Exit Counseling under Manage Loans.
3. Estimate 20-30 minutes to complete the entire process. Information will not be saved.
Quiz questions are designed to reinforce learning. Be sure to read each section.
4. When complete, print the congratulation page and submit it to the financial aid office on
your campus along with the Loan Exit Counseling Reference Sheet.
Office of Student Financial Aid
Rockville Germantown Takoma Park/Silver Spring
Phone: 240-567-5100 Fax: 240-567-7814
Office use only: EXIT/FFEL EXIT DOCS
Reference Sheet
Exit counseling documents are required for all graduating and transferring students along with students who
drop below 6 credit hours at any time. You may be required to complete and submit this form, along with the
Exit Counseling Confirmation from
to the Montgomery College Office of Student
Financial Aid more than once. Please PRINT clearly.
Student Name: MC ID#:
Street Address: City, State, Zip:
Phone (home): (Cell):
All Federal Stafford and Direct Loan borrowers at Montgomery College must complete the reference
information below. All references must reside within the U.S., must have DIFFERENT addresses, and
must be over 18 years of age. List the nearest relative in Reference #1.
The Office of Student Financial Aid may need to contact you regarding a loan issue. In the event that we are
unable to contact you at your current address, your references will be contacted to assist
us in obtaining your
ew address and phone number. Your information is confidential and will not be discussed.
Student Loan Borrower’s Work Information
Reference #1 (Nearest relative)
Your employer
Business address Street Address
Supervisor’s phone number Home phone
Your job title Cell phone
Relationship to you
I un
derstand that incomplete reference information will prevent or delay the services I am requesting
(transcript orders, grade acquisition, registration).
Student signature Date
Loan Exit Counseling
Reference #2 (Must be separate address from #1)
Street Address
Home phone
Cell phone
Relationship to you
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