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High School Request to Articulate Courses in a Program of Study
Wenatchee Valley College needs the following information to help determine whether or not your
high school course aligns (is equivalent) to the college course being requested for articulation. Please
be complete in your responses and attach all required documents.
New Course
Renewal without Revision
Renewal with Revisions (mark all that apply):
New Teacher
Revised Curriculum
Is your school a partner in our local Tech Prep Consortium?
School District Information
School District: High School Name:
Course Name: CIP Code:
Teacher: Phone: Email:
Teacher: Phone: Email:
Teacher: Phone: Email:
CTE Director:
Community College Information
College Name: Wenatchee Valley College
Course Name: Course Number:
In order to validate the agreement, the following information is required by all WA State Community Colleges
when requesting an articulation to be established.
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Submit the following information to initiate a new articulation, to renew an expired articulation, or to modify/update an
existing articulation. The following information will help us determine course content alignment between the high
school and college. It is recommended that you submit your course SYLLABUS that includes the information below, or
you can copy/paste the appropriate response from your framework, or simply provide short answers to the following
and attach supporting documentation.
I. High School Course OverviewPlease attach a current copy of the course syllabus, it is advised that the course
syllabus include the following.
Course description and course goals:
Length of course: High School Credits :
Number of terms (semester, quarter, trimester): Instructional hours:
Prerequisites required (if any):
Curriculum (List of texts, workbooks & supplemental material, including software used):
Title 1:
Author 1:
Edition 1:
Title 2:
Author 2:
Edition 2:
Additional materials:
Expectations of student involvement/assignments (i.e. job shadowing, internships or projects, if
II. List of Specific Competencies
- It is advised that the course syllabus include the following.
Learning outcomes - competencies written as measurable outcomes, i.e. Students will be able to… (SWBAT)
Note: you can review the college course competencies
list & indicate which competencies are taught in your class
(highlight those that apply).
Industry certifications covered (if applicable)
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III. Assessment Criteria
Expectations for student performance
Description of testing / how is student learning assessed?
Specifications for culminating project or group project, if applicable.
IV. College Tech Prep Notice to Students
- Must be included in syllabus when requesting articulation renewal.
Please check this box if you have included a statement in the attached syllabus.
If you are requesting an articulation update or renewal, the high school syllabus MUST include a notice to students
indicating the course is approved for CTE Dual Credit and articulated with one or more colleges. The following
statement is a sample notice. You can use/modify the statement below to include in your syllabus:
This course is approved for CTE Dual Credit and articulated with Wenatchee Valley College in the
Program Area. Students, who demonstrate proficiency of the college course competencies with a ‘B’ (3.0) or better
grade, may earn college credit through the CTE Dual Credit registration process. The college competencies are
attached to this syllabus. During the (semester/year) all competencies will be covered in class…some may require
additional independent work by the student. To earn college credit students are required to pass a skill
check/assessment with the high school instructor.
Students may earn credit for the following college course(s) at Wenatchee Valley College:
College Course Number # credits
College Course Name
Note to Instructor: an out of consortia agreement may incur a regional fee to establish an articulation or may require
the instructor to attend in-service workshops on the college campus. Please talk with the Tech Prep Director about
possible fees prior to initiating an articulation request.
Please submit this form in an electronic format. Attach all required items and return this request to:
If you have questions about the form or required information, please contact the Tech Prep Office: or by phone 509-682-6847
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