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Federal law and WVC policy prohibits the release of a student’s records to anyone other than the
student (even to parents or spouse) without written permission of the student. If you would like
information regarding your financial aid file to be released to anyone other than yourself, please
complete this form to indicate your desires. Your authorization will be effective from the date the
office notes receipt of this form through August 2021. PLEASE NOTE: This release only
applies to your financial aid records. You will need a separate release form from the
Registrar’s office for your academic records.
Daytime Phone (include area code)
__________________________ _______________ __ *SID FIELD (BELOW) IS REQUIRED*
Student Last Name Student First Name MI
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______ ________
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Date of Birth
I give the Financial Aid Office permission to discuss my financial aid application status, award
or eligibility with the following individual(s). I understand that this permission will remain in
force from the date the office notes receipt of this form until the last day of August 2021,
unless I provide the Financial Aid Office a written cancellation notice.
Individual’s Name(s):
Individual’s ID Number(s):
(Social Security or Driver’s License Number)
Financial Aid Office
Wenatchee Valley College
1300 Fifth St - Wenatchi Hall
Wenatchee, Washington 98801
Phone: 509-682-6810
Fax: 509-682-6811
E-Mail: financialaid@wvc.edu
[TC: RL]
Relationship to Student:
Agency Name (if applicable):
***If electronically signed, I understand that a digital or electronically typed signature has the same
legal effect, and can be enforced in the same way, as a handwritten signature. *
Student Signature:
Clear Form
This page is for information purposes only. It is not required to be submitted with your form.
Wenatchee Valley College
Non-discrimination Statement
Wenatchee Valley College is committed to a policy of equal opportunity in employment and student enrollment. All programs are free
from discrimination and harassment against any person because of race, creed, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation,
gender identity or expression, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or the use of a service animal by a person
with a disability, age, parental status or families with children, marital status, religion, genetic information, honorably discharged
veteran or military status or any other prohibited basis per RCW 49.60.030, 040 and other federal and laws and regulations, or
participation in the complaint process.
The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies and Title IX compliance for
both the Wenatchee and Omak campuses:
To report discrimination or harassment: Title IX Coordinator, Wenatchi Hall 2322M, (509) 682-6445, title9@wvc.edu.
To request disability accommodations: Student Access Coordinator, Wenatchi Hall 2133, (509) 682-6854, TTY/TTD: dial
711, sas@wvc.edu.
Wenatchee Valley College
Declaraciones de no discriminación
Wenatchee Valley College está comprometido a una política de igualdad de oportunidades en el empleo y la matriculación de
estudiantes. Todos los programas están libres de discriminación y acoso contra cualquier persona debido a raza, credo, color, origen
nacional o étnico, sexo, orientación sexual, identidad o expresión de género, la presencia de cualquier discapacidad sensorial, mental o
física, o el uso de un animal de servicio por una persona con discapacidad, edad, estatus o familias con niños, estado civil, religión,
información genética, veterano descargado honorablemente o estatus militar o cualquier otra base prohibida por el RCW 49.60.030,
040 y otras leyes y reglamentos federales, o participación en el proceso de queja.
Las siguientes personas han sido designadas para atender consultas sobre las políticas de no discriminación y el cumplimiento del
Título IX para los campus de Wenatchee y Omak:
Para denunciar discriminación o acoso: Coordinador del Título IX, Wenatchi Hall 2322M, (509) 682-6445, title9@wvc.edu.
Para solicitar adaptaciones para discapacitados: Coordinador de acceso estudiantil, Wenatchi Hall 2133, (509) 682-6854,
TTY/TTD: marque 711, sas@wvc.edu