Please read the following conditions of award.
Please be advised that by accepting payment of tuition and/or a check for financial aid,
you will be accepting of, and bound by, the following terms and certification statement.
1. To receive federal and state financial aid, I must be a citizen of the United States or an eligible non-citizen or meet the other criteria
outlined in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Exceptions: Undocumented and DACA residents of Washington
state may qualify for State Need Grant. DACA residents of Washington may qualify for College Bound Scholarship and/or State
Work Study. These students must meet the criteria outlined with the Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA).
2. I must be admitted to and enrolled in an eligible degree or certificate program at Wenatchee Valley College to receive financial aid. A
list of eligible programs is available in the financial aid office.
3. Financial aid offered is for a full-time course load of 12 credits unless otherwise specified on the award letter. I agree that if I
withdraw, cease to attend classes, do not carry the required number of credits or am taking less than 12 credits, I will notify the
financial aid office and, if necessary, repay the aid advanced to me for which I am no longer eligible.
4. I must make satisfactory academic progress to receive financial aid. Financial aid may be withheld or canceled for failure to make
satisfactory progress. I must complete my degree within an established time frame and comply with the financial aid Satisfactory
Academic Progress Policy. I am responsible for knowing the information regarding satisfactory academic progress for financial aid.
5. I agree to accept the responsibility for timely repayment of any loans awarded to me. I will keep the financial aid office and
Registration Office informed of my most current address.
6. I understand that an offer of aid is dependent upon federal and state allocations to the college. Insufficient funds may result in a
reduction in the amount of aid or a change in the type of aid offered to me.
7. Financial aid awards are based on information I have provided about my financial status. I agree to report to the financial aid office
any changes in my financial situation, including, but not limited to: changes in marital status, Washington State residency status, any
additional income, scholarships or other funds I receive. I understand that these changes may result in a reduction of awards and /or
require repayments of aid already received.
8. Financial aid awarded to me will be used to pay tuition, fees and other allowable current year charges on my college account, unless I
indicate otherwise to the financial aid office. Financial aid will not pay fines such as parking or library. Financial aid funds are
designed to pay college related expenses only and will not be used for things such as purchasing illegal drugs, personal investments or
purchasing real estate.
9. I will comply with the additional conditions listed below if I am awarded and receive a STATE NEED GRANT:
A. I am a resident of the State of Washington, in accordance with RCW 28B.15.011-013;
B. I am registered at Wenatchee Valley College, taking at least 3 college level credits and am making satisfactory progress
toward completion of my degree or program objective;
C. I have applied for a Federal Pell Grant (Exceptions for DACA and Undocumented students);
D. I am not pursuing a degree in theology;
E. I do not owe a refund or repayment on a State Need Grant, a Federal Pell Grant, or a Federal Supplemental Educational
Opportunity grant, nor am I in default on a loan made, insured, or guaranteed under the Federal Perkins Student Loan,
National Direct Student Loan, Federal Family Educational Loan or William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan. In addition, I am
not in default on a loan made through a state conditional loan program.
F. I can voluntarily make financial contributions to the Washington Student Achievement Council in recognition of this STATE
NEED GRANT, and that these gifts will be used to provide financial assistance to other students.
G. The offer of a STATE NEED GRANT is subject to and conditioned upon the availability of funds. The Washington Student
Achievement Council and Wenatchee Valley College reserve the right to withdraw, reduce, or modify the grant due to
funding limitations or due to changes in circumstances which affect my eligibility for the STATE NEED GRANT.
H. STATE NEED GRANT awards are limited to a maximum of 15 full-time quarters of eligibility and students may only
receive the STATE NEED GRANT at Wenatchee Valley College if they have not received a Bachelor’s degree. Further, if
they have received an Associate’s degree while receiving a STATE NEED GRANT, 5 years must have elapsed since
receiving the degree and are within 125% of the standard length of the program.
I. STATE NEED GRANT awards are adjusted to enrollment level. To receive the full STATE NEED GRANT amount, I need
to be enrolled for 12 credits each quarter. It is my responsibility to notify the financial aid office of enrollment other than
full-time. Future quarter SNG amounts may be reduced if I receive a full SNG amount and do not enroll for the correct
number of credits.
Certification Statement: I understand and agree to the conditions listed above. I may be asked to provide proof that this
information is correct. If proof is not provided, I may be denied financial aid. I understand that I am responsible for repaying any
funds I receive which cannot reasonably be attributed to meeting my educational expenses at this institution
Wenatchee Valley College Statement: I understand and agree that if I withdraw from any or all of my classes, it may result
in a repayment of financial aid to either the state or federal government.