Request Form: Appendix 1” PNT’s
If your experiment contains PNT’s you must complete the Request Form for
Growth Facility Space Use’, this page (Appendix 1)
and also submit an SOP describing
your project to Dietmar Scholz- (Crop Science Bldg.) or Ron Dutton- (Bovey Bldg.) (WORD file format is preferred).
Plants with Novel Traits (PNT) - Definition: a plant variety that possesses a
characteristic that is intentionally selected or created through specific genetic change and is
either not previously associated with a distinct and stable population of the plant species in
Canada or expressed outside the normal range of similar existing characteristic in the plant
Please familiarize yourself on the subject of Biological Safety and “Containment Levels”
(2) which can be referenced from the Federal Governments Public Health Agency Ministry at:
Provide the type of access you authorize for
the User(s) listed in PART A
Types of Access (check 1 or both)
normal working hours evenings/weekends
If there are additional researchers requiring
access, please provide their names and access
level here.
Types of Access (check 1 or both)
normal working hours evenings/weekends
Contact Email: ______________________
Nature of genetic modification(s):
Does the compartment need to be locked during normal working hours (check one)?
Yes No
Method used to create the PNT (check one):
mutation transformation
Other: _________________________________
Is the trait toxic to humans? Yes No
If yes, is it (check one):
an acute toxin mutagenic carcinogenic
Does the trait have allergenic properties? (ie.
produce skin or lung hypersensitivity)
Yes No
Describe any special protective clothing or measures personnel are required to use or follow in
handling the PNT: ____________________________________________________________
Describe any known environmental hazards associated with the trait:____________________
Will the material be removed from the facility (check one)? Yes No
If yes, describe the procedures to contain, track, and dispose of the materials:
Is the material
(check one):
a Plant Plant parts Seed
Loss of Containment (potential hazards):
Are there any other species present in Ontario that this plant can sexually hybridize with in this
facility (check one)? Yes No
If yes, please list:____________________________________________________________
Outline any special measures necessary in the event of loss of containment, inadvertent
disposal, or theft of the materials:________________________________________________
I have read and understand the University of Guelph BL2-P PNT Containment Facility Manual and
agree to abide by the protocols for the safe handling of the experimental materials. I will ensure that all
laboratory workers under my supervision receive training and adhere to the protocols for the safe
handling, containment, storage, and disposal of the experimental materials.
Faculty Name
____________________________ Date:______________________
Faculty Signature
Department Approval:
Signature - Coordinator, PNT Containment Facility
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