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Rev. Jan. 23, 2012
It is a mandatory requirement of the Broader Public Sector (BPS) Procurement Directive and the University’s Purchasing
Policy that the University is to acquire goods or services through a competitive procurement process. However, it is
recognized that in exceptional circumstances, only one supplier may be able or capable of providing the goods or services.
In these circumstances this form, appropriately signed, must accompany the requisition and be forwarded to Purchasing
Services prior to the commencement of procurement and receipt of goods or services.
This form should be used for:
1. Goods or non-consulting services valued at $10,000 or more;
2. Consulting Services regardless of value.
Description of Goods or Services
Supplier Name
The following is a list of non-competitive procurement circumstances allowable under the BPS Procurement
Directive. Please check all that apply:
1)To ensure compatibility with existing products, to recognize exclusive rights such as exclusive licenses, copyright
and patent rights, or to maintain specialized products that must be maintained by the manufacturer or its
2) There is an absence of competition for technical reasons and the goods or services can be supplied only by a
particular supplier and no alternative or substitute exists
3) The supply of goods or services is controlled by a supplier that is a statutory monopoly
4) For the purchase of goods on a commodity market
5) Work to be performed on or about a leased building or portions thereof that may be performed only by the lessor
6) Work to be performed on property by a contractor according to provisions of a warranty or guarantee held in
respect of the property or the original work
7) The contract is to be awarded to the winner of a design contest
8) Procurement of a prototype to be developed in the course of and for a particular contract for research, experiment,
study or original development, but not for any subsequent purchases
9) The purchase of goods is under exceptionally advantageous circumstances such as bankruptcy or receivership
but not routine purchase
10) The procurement of original works of art (including film, design, visual arts, theatre, music and dance)
11) Procurement of subscriptions to newspapers, magazines or other periodicals
12) The purchase of real property (land, buildings)
13) An unforeseeable situation of urgency exists and the goods or services cannot be obtained in time by means of
open procurement procedures;
Note: Failure to plan and allow sufficient time for a competitive procurement process does not constitute an
unforeseeable situation of urgency
14) Goods or services are of a confidential or privileged nature, its disclosure through a competitive procurement
process compromise university’s confidentiality, cause economic disruption or otherwise be contrary to the public
15) Where a contract is to be awarded under a cooperation agreement that is financed, in whole or in part, by an
international cooperation organization, only to the extent that the agreement between the entity and the university
includes rules for awarding contracts that differ from the obligations set out in the Directive
16) Construction materials are to be purchased and it can be demonstrated that transportation costs or technical
considerations impose geographic limits on the available supply base, specifically in the case of sand, stone, gravel,
asphalt, compound and pre-mixed concrete for use in the construction or repair of roads
17) Compliance with the open tendering provisions would interfere with the university’s ability to maintain security or
order or to protect human, animal or plant life or health
18) In the absence of a receipt of any bids in response to a call for proposals or tenders
19) Procurement of goods intended for resale to the public
20) Contracts with a public body or a non-profit organization
21) Procurement of goods and services on behalf of an entity that is out of scope of the Directive
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Rev. Jan. 23, 2012
22) Procurement from philanthropic institutions, prison labor or persons with disabilities
23) Procurement of any goods the inter-provincial movement of which is restricted by laws not inconsistent with the
trade agreements
24) Goods and services is financed primarily from donations that are subject to conditions inconsistent with the
25) Goods and services are related to cultural or artistic fields and computer software for educational purposes
26) Services in Ontario may be provided only by the following licensed professionals: medical doctors, dentists,
nurses, pharmacists, veterinarians, engineers, land surveyors, architects, accountants, lawyers and notaries
27) Procurement of services of financial analysts or the management of investments by organizations who have such
functions as a primary purpose
28) Procurement of financial services respecting the management of financial assets and liabilities (i.e., treasury
operations), including ancillary advisory and information services, whether or not delivered by a financial institution
29) Procurement of goods and services for use outside Canada as well as construction work done outside Canada
30) Health services and social services
Details: Please elaborate why only the supplier requested can satisfy the requirements and why alternatives are
unacceptable. Attach additional supporting documents if necessary.
Certification Approval
By signing this form, I acknowledge that:
1. I understand the University requires competitive procurement for goods and non-consulting services valued at
$10,000 or more and for consulting services regardless of value.
2. I agree this procurement is to be conducted with the specified supplier without competitive process due to the reason
identified above.
3. I have provided all available backup documentation in support of this decision.
I abide by the University’s Conflict of Interest Policies as it relates to this procurement activity.
Name (Print)
Date (M/D/Y)
Department Head
Division Head/College Dean
(required for order value exceeding $100,000)
Purchasing Acknowledgment
Purchasing Approval
(Assistant Manager/Manager/Director/AVP)
President or equivalent
(consulting services only)
Note: Non competitive procurement of consulting services exceeding $1,000,000 will also require approval by the
Board of Governors.
For Purchasing Services use only
Requisition No.
Purchase Order No.
Requisition Total Value
Single Source /Sole Source Certification No.
Company specializes in moving food industry level equipment specifically Dairy processing equipment.
Dairy/Pilot lab is used on a regular basis for from September to April for Undergraduate Courses.
Equipment needs to be relocated, set up and updated between April 7th to the 25th in order for the Cheese Course, which
generates money for the department. If this is not completed by then we will have to cancel the course which already has
International Industrial participants who have registered and paid for the course.
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