School of Environmental Sciences - Departing Graduate Student Checklist
Student Name Advisor Name
Student ID
Task Checklist
Safely disposed of samples, solutions, etc. in
compliance with SES regulations
Samples retained at request of Advisor(s) are itemized,
properly labeled, and stored appropriately in Advisor's
Work area (laboratory, desk and office) clean and tidy
and personal belongings removed
Advisor(s) provided with all final original research
materials, including electronic files, field and lab notes
(student has retained a copy where appropriate).
All keys returned to SES Administrative Officer Completed
Notes Provide any additional relevant information; if more room is needed attach a separate page. If keys will
not be returned immediately, include date by which they will be returned.
The Director will not sign the student’s Recommendation for Graduation form until this checklist is completed and
returned to the Graduate Program Assistant.
Student and Advisor signatures are required to acknowledge that all tasks have been completed as outlined above.
Student Signature Advisor Signature
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