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Home Occupation Use
Permit Application
Cashiers: print validation on back of this form
The business activity proposed at the following address must take place within the livable portion of the dwelling and
must comply with all Zoning Regulations of the City of Raleigh. Permits will be issued or denied based on answers to
the following questions. Please print clearly, read each line carefully and answer accurately. Include the permit fee with
your application. Reference the Development Fee Schedule for current permit fee. For more information, view the
Occupation Guidelines.
Applicant Business Name
Address City/State/Zip
Phone Fax Email
Type of Business:
Describe business activity:
Will any business activity be conducted from the yard area (front or rear), or will anything in connection with the business
be stored in a detached accessory building? Yes ____ No ____
If yes, explain:
Describe any alterations to the dwelling or special equipment needed:
Number of residents in the home ______ Number of residents involved in the business ______
Number of employees/partners residing elsewhere ______
Will customers or groups of people come to your home to obtain your services/products? Yes ____ No ____
Vehicle(s) used in connection with the business: Make_______________ Model_______________ Type___________
Size of dwelling/home: ____________ Square Feet Area to be used for business: ____________ Square Feet
Do you intend to use a sign on your vehicle? Yes____ No____ On your property? Yes____ No____
I have answered the above questions to the best of my knowledge, and the proposed Home Occupation will be
incidental to the use of my home.
Signature Date
Approved ____ Denied ____ Zoning
Transaction # Permit #
Reviewed by (City Officials stamp) Date