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Petition for Annexation into
the Raleigh City Limits
Section A Submittal Checklist
Please include all of the following (check off). If any information is missing from the application package, you will be asked to complete the
application and re-submit the petition, so please check the list below carefully before you submit:
Written metes and bounds description of the property to be annexed must be attached to this application. See page 2.
Electronic Word document of the written metes and bounds must be e-mailed to:
Survey or Plat showing above written metes and bounds description of the property to be annexed must be submitted
electronically in .pdf format, if possible.
City or County Property Map with parcels included in the annexation request clearly marked. An excerpt of a property map is
acceptable, but the map number must appear on the excerpt. This map must show the existing and proposed city limits.
Copy of Approved Preliminary Site Plan or Final Site Plan
showing City Building Permit Transaction Number or Group
Housing Number (GH-______-13, etc.) or
Copy of Subdivision Plat submitted for lot recording
approval with City file number (S-_____-13, etc.)
Projected Market Value of Development at build-out (land and improvements).
General Annexation Area Data: Linear feet of public streets, total annexation area acreage, number of proposed residential
units or square footage of commercial space, type of utility connections involved, specific land uses proposed.
This application form completed, dated and signed by the property owner(s) and attested submitted by the deadlines
noted in section B of this application, page 2.
Required, but often missing information. Please make sure to include the following:
Correct Parcel Identification Number(s) (PIN). Call Wake County Geographic Information Services at 919-856-6360, if there
is any question about the parcel identifier. This is very important. Please indicate if the property being requested for
annexation is only a portion of an existing parcel.
Owner’s Signatures and Date of Signatures. See page 3 of this application. All real property owners must sign the
application, and the date of signature MUST be filled in!
Corporate Seal for property owned by a corporation.
Rezoning Application, if the property is currently outside Raleigh’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction.
Optional, but necessary if petitioner desires to have development project waived from paying outside sewer connection
charges prior to annexation effective date.
Standard Payment Contract should be dated, signed and notarized and submitted with this application (see Section E).
Section B Submittal Deadlines
Petitions for annexation are accepted by Planning & Development at any time. There are no fees required for submittal of an annexation petition.
The annexation will become effective immediately upon adoption of the an
nexation ordinance at the scheduled public hearing unless
notified otherwise by the City Clerk.
(The City reserves the right to make exceptions to this general processing schedule when necessary.)
Section C Summary Information / Metes and Bounds Descriptions
Development Project Name
Street Address
City of Raleigh Subdivision approval #
(S-_________-__________) or
Building Permit Transaction #
__________________ or
Group Housing #
Wake County Property Identification Number(s) list below
P.I.N. P.I.N. P.I.N.
P.I.N. P.I.N. P.I.N.
Acreage of Annexation Site Linear Feet of Public Streets within Annexation Boundaries
Annexation site is requesting connection to City of Raleigh Water and/or Sewer
Number of proposed dwelling units
Type of Units: Single Family ______ Townhouse ______ Condo ______ Apartment ______
Building Square Footage of Non-Residential Space
Specific proposed use (office, retail, warehouse, school, etc.)
Projected market value at build-out (land and improvements) $
Person to contact if there are questions about the petition
Phone Fax # Email
Written metes and bounds description of property to be annexed: Attach additional sheets if necessary.
An electronic copy in word format must be e-mailed to:
Section D Annexation Petition
State of North Carolina, County of Wake, Petition of Annexation of Property to the City of Raleigh, North Carolina
Part 1 The undersigned, being all the owners of the real property described in this application (Section C) respectfully request the annexation of
said property to the City of Raleigh, North Carolina. The petitioners understand and agree that all streets and utilities within the annexed
area will be constructed and installed by the developer according to the Subdivision Ordinance and any utilities that must be extended
to the annexed area are the responsibility of the developers or successive property owners. The property to be annexed is:
Contiguous to the present corporate limits of the City of Raleigh, North Carolina, or
Not Contiguous to the municipal limits of the City of Raleigh, North Carolina, not closer to the limits of any other municipality
and is located within three miles of the municipal limits of the City of Raleigh, North Carolina (pursuant to Chapter 989 of the
Sessions Law of North Carolina, 1967).
Part 2 NC General Statutes require petitioners of both contiguous and satellite annexations to file a signed statement declaring whether vested
rights have been established in accordance with G.S.160A-385.1 or 153A-344.1 for properties subject to the petition.
Do you declare such vested rights for the property subject to this petition? Yes No
If yes, please submit proof that vested rights have been granted by governing board. I hereby declare that my failure to disclose existence of a
vested right terminates any vested right previously acquired for this property.
Signed this _________ day of ________________________, 20_________ by the owners of the property described in Section C.
Owner’s Signature(s)
Signature ________________________________________________ Date _____________
Signature ________________________________________________ Date _____________
Signature ________________________________________________ Date _____________
Signature ________________________________________________ Date _____________
Corporate Seal
Print owner name(s) and information
Name ______________________________________ Phone ________________________
Address ___________________________________________________________________
Name ______________________________________ Phone ________________________
Address ___________________________________________________________________
Name ______________________________________ Phone ________________________
Address ___________________________________________________________________
Name ______________________________________ Phone ________________________
Address ___________________________________________________________________
Above signature(s) attested by
Received by the City Council of Raleigh, North Carolina, this ____________ day of _____________________________ 20_______, at a Council
meeting duly held.
Signature of City Clerk and Treasurer ________________________________________________________________________
Section E Standard Payment Contract
If petitioner desires to be considered for waiver of outside sewer connection fees required by Raleigh City Code Section 10-6081(c), which is
generally a $200 fee per dwelling, business, or industrial unit charged at the time sewer connection permit is issued if a property is outside the city
limits, petitioner should submit the standard payment contract (see Agreement, pages 4-5). The project will be eligible for waiver of this sewer
connection fee: (1) if corresponding petition is administratively recommended to be approved by City Council and (2) if the following payment
contract has been submitted to the City with appropriate signatures.
State of North Carolina County of Wake Agreement
This Agreement (“the Agreement”) is made this the _______ day of ______________________, year of __________ by and between the City of
Raleigh, North Carolina, ( the “City”) and ______________________________________________________, (the “Owner”);
WHEREAS, The Owner has petitioned the City to be annexed into the corporate City limits, City File No. ______________________;
WHEREAS, The Owner has initiated a development project at _______________________________________________________,
City file ___________________________, and said development contains sewer connections with the utility system of the City; and
WHEREAS, The parties hereto intend that during the pendency of the annexation petition,
and after the petition has been recommended by staff to be approved by the City Council, the Owner should pay the City the same utility
connection charges paid for developments located inside the corporate limits of the City, and further, if the City Council rejects the petition, then
within thirty days following said rejection, the Owner shall pay additional moneys so that the total payment by Owner to the City is the same utility
connection charges paid for developments located outside the City limits as set forth in Raleigh City Code Section 10-6081(c).
NOW THEREFORE, in consideration for the mutual promises contained herein and other valuable consideration, the receipt of which is
acknowledged by the parties, the parties hereto agree as follows:
1. Owner will be allowed to commence development without paying the City outside sewer connection charges.
2. That in the event that the annexation petition made by Owner is rejected by the City, Owner shall pay to the City all sewer connection fees
required of developments located outside the City limits, as set forth in Raleigh City Code Section 10-6081 (c). Full payment shall be made
within thirty days following the action of the City to deny the annexation petition.
3. That in the event Owner shall fail to make full payment to the City as required in paragraph two, the City in any cause of action for collection
shall be entitled to interest at ten percent per annum plus reimbursement for all collection costs, including reasonable attorney fees.
4. That in the event Owner shall fail to make full payment to the City as required in paragraph two, the Owner agrees to allow the City to retain,
as liquidated damages, any and all reimbursements owed to Owner by the City.
5. All rights granted herein in favor of the City are cumulative and supplemental to any other powers the City may have, and the rights
established herein in favor of the City shall not in any way diminish or restrict the City from exercising its police powers.
6. This Agreement shall be binding on and shall inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective successors and assigns.
7. This Agreement may only be amended in writing signed by the parties hereto or their respective successors.
8. This Agreement and the legal relations of the parties hereto shall be governed by the laws of the State of North Carolina.
9. The parties hereto for themselves, their agents, officials, employees and servants agree not to discriminate in any manner on the basis of
race, color, creed, national origin, gender, age, handicap, or sexual orientation with reference to the subject matter of this Agreement, no
matter how remote. The parties further agree in all respects to conform to the provisions and intent of the City of Raleigh Ordinance 1969-
889, as amended. This provision is hereby incorporated into this Agreement for the benefit of the City of Raleigh and its residents, and may
be enforced by action for specific performance, injunctive relief, or other remedy as by law provided.
In Witness Whereof, the parties hereto have caused this agreement to be executed the day and year first above written.
By _______________________________________________ Attest _______________________________________________
The City
By _______________________________________________ Attest _______________________________________________
Ruffin L. Hall, City Manager Gail G. Smith, City Clerk
North Carolina Wake
This is to certify that on the __________________________________ day of ____________________________________ in the year
__________, before me personally came Gail G. Smith, with whom I am personally acquainted, who, being by me duly sworn, says that she is the
City Clerk and Treasurer and Ruffin L. Hall is the City Manager of the City of Raleigh, the municipal corporation described in and which executed
the foregoing; that she knows the corporate seal of said municipal corporation, that the seal affixed to the foregoing instrument is said corporate
seal, and the name of the municipal corporation was subscribed thereto by the said City Clerk and Treasurer and that the said corporate seal was
affixed, all by order of the governing body of said municipal corporation, and that the said instrument is the act and deed of said municipal
Notary Public Seal
Witness my hand and official seal this the _____________________________________ day
of _________________________________ in the year _____________________.
Notary Public _________________________________________________________________
My commission expires _________________________________________________________
Add appropriate notarized acknowledgement for owner such as individual owners,
corporation owners, partnership owners, or limited liability corporation (LLC) owners.