Additions + Accessory Structures
Plan Review Checklist
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REVISION 06.17.19
If your project involves an addition or detached accessory structure, you are required to submit plans for review by the
City of Raleigh. All plans must include the following items:
1. Name and address of person or design professional who prepared the plans
2. Plans are drawn to architectural scale. Minimum allowed: ¼” = 1 foot
3. Complete footing and foundation plan, including wall footing, foundation
dimensions, pier footing and masonry dimensions, and concrete slab thickness
4. Complete framing and wall sections, including:
a) size, grade, spacing, and species of girders; floor joints, rafters, and wall
b) header schedule must be shown with grade and species identified or
referenced under structural section by designer, unless engineered
c) supporting studs for load bearing beams
5. All truss layout and truss data must be provided from the manufacturer at the
time of framing inspection
6. Load bearing points including solid blocking notation
7. Knee wall and notation as to whether the wall is load bearing or non-load
8. Engineering calculation required on members not shown in tables
9. Complete and dimensioned floor plans and elevations, including:
a) rooms and walk up attic identified
b) location of plumbing fixtures, mechanical equipment, and electrical
services, if applicable
c) square footage
d) front, side and rear elevations clearly shown and dimensioned, showing
compliance with wall height and overall height requirements
a. UDO 1.5.7 and UDO 2.2.7