How to Submit
Please complete this Purge Request Form, scan, and submit a pdf of the completed form with proper signatures to the email
address below. Upon receipt, HMH Support will forward you an assigned case number. Please retain this case number to follow
the progress of your request.
Email: Phone: 800.323.9239
Summer School: To best schedule your purge request, you may need to coordinate the time and impact of your purge with
completion of summer school or year round schools. Be sure to allow 2 weeks to complete the purge request once it is submitted.
Administrator Accounts: Often districts will find a number of users with school or district administrator access that may no
longer be necessary due to role changes over the years. Since this is a public site, so be sure you look this area over to properly
remove any accounts that are no longer necessary. Do not remove your own account; add that to an exemption list below.
Purge Impacts: Curriculum and Assessment leaders and other key stakeholders need to be informed of the purge and the
consequences. Purging users from ThinkCentral or Holt McDougal Online will permanently remove the users and any data that
was created or associated with their accounts across these platforms, as well as dependent platforms such as Personal Math
Trainer, myWriteSmart, Continuum, ExamView, and HMH Player. No data will be retained, and you will not be able to reverse
this action.
Examples of data that will be removed:
Personal Math Trainer Powered by Knewton, including longitudinal and adaptive scoring for students
myWriteSmart items users may have saved to their portfolio
Notes taken and highlighted by students or teachers
All teachers’
SmartPlanner settings and customized lessons, ExamView test(s) they may have uploaded, custom tests
created with Personal Math T
, and any custom lessons they have created within the HMH Player
Removal of data from ThinkCentral or Holt McDougal Online will automatically remove Continuum Assessments and
high stakes assessment scores
Note: In most cases, your purge request is completed within two business days from the receipt of the completed request form, but longer processing times are
common in August and September so please plan ahead.
Data Purge Request F
Reminder: You do not need to purge data to clear your site every year. Instead, we recommend
that you mass inactivate all data. Learn more about purging records from HMH platforms.
Your Name _________________________ Email ___________________________ Phone ____________ Title ____________________________
strict Name _______________________ City ____________________________ State _____________ MDR PID ________________________
Data Purge Request Form
Please complete this form in full and return. Once HMH receives your completed form we will schedule your purge and HMH
may contact you with questions or to otherwise discuss your Purge Request Form.
Submission of this form includes acknowledgement that if user accounts are selected to be purged, any and all associated
data, including assessment data, will no longer exist for use, reporting, and/or viewing after the purge has taken place.
Optional Approvals
If you are required to obtain additional approvals please fill out the table below. Otherwise, by submitting this Purge Request Form you
are representing that no such additional approval is required and that you are duly authorized to make this purge request on behalf of
your organization.
Requested By Signature Date Contact Info/Title
Superintendent Approval
Curriculum: Reading
Curriculum: Math
Curriculum: Assessment
Curriculum: Science,
Social Studies, Foreign
Language, Other
Selection of Records to be Purged
Holt McDougal Online
Ed, Your Friend in Learning
Classes Students Teachers
(Note: Administrator records must be added manually as they cannot be imported.)
Exclude my account:
Purge From All Schools/All Grades
Purge Just the Inactive Records
Do Not Purge, Just Inactive
(see appendices)
Do not purge before: (mm/dd/yyyy) _______________________ or after: (mm/dd/yyyy) ____________________________
Statement to Hold Harmless
By submitting this form, the requester, on behalf of the requester’s organization, accepts full responsibility for
the permanent removal of any identity, data, or scores that will be purged based on submittal of this form.
Requestor Signature:________________
Date: ________________
Data Purge Request Form
Note: You can include additional documents as attachments if you need to provide more information.
Appendix A – School Selection Records for all schools will be purged if nothing is
specified here. Learn more about locating your school MDR PIDs.
Purge Data From
Only the Following Schools
All Schools Except Those Listed Below
School Name School MDR PID
Appendix B – Grade Selection
Purge data only from the grades checked below. Records for all grades are purged if nothing is
specified here.
All Grades 1 4 7 10
Pre-K 2 5 8 11
K 3 6 9 12
Additional Comments
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Appendix D – User Exceptions (Students/Teachers/Administrators)
Please do not remove these accounts.
(Be aware that whenever you retain users the possibility of generating duplicate user accounts exists with your next upload.)
Platform Username
Appendix C – Class Selection
Purge Data From
Only the Following Classes
All Classes Except Those Listed Below
School MDR PID Teacher Username Class Name
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