Our Mission
The Women’s Fund of El Paso, Inc. is dedicated to improving the status and quality of life for women and girls in the El Paso area. Through purposeful and
affordable philanthropy, we aim to promote the connections women need in order to access the vital resources that foster economic growth and individual
leadership potential.
Previously awarded Women’s Fund of El Paso Scholarship
Have not yet earned bachelor’s degree
Maintained enrollment during awarded semester
Maintained 2.75 cumulative GPA
Renewal of Award will be
Based on need
Must be used for educational or training fees, tuition, books,
or child care
Required Documents
Updated/most recent transcript (unofficial acceptable)
Updated/most recent financial aid award letter
Proof of enrollmentif not on transcript provide official enrollment
confirmation from university/school
Essay answering the following questions:
1. How has the scholarship from the WFEP helped you?
2. What have you been able to achieve this past year?
3. How have you been able to give back to your community this
past year?
If awarded, all monetary awards are paid DIRECTLY to the educational
institution or child care facility.
Application Deadlines: Fall Semester – July 15th & Spring Semester – December 15th
Submit complete application and all required documents in one packet via email to:
Birth Date:
Last Name
Middle Name
Student ID:
Local Street Address
Apt #
Phone number:
( )
Cell number:
( )
Place of Employment:
! Part-time
! Full time
Degree/Certification currently seeking:
! Certification
! Associates degree
! Bachelor’s degree
Expected Graduation Date:
Amount Requested:
Educational institution information:
Date amount needed by:
How will funds be utilized:
Tuition Cost
Books Cost
Child Care Cost
I certify that the information on this application is correct to the best of my
knowledge. I hereby give permission for this information to be released to
the donor or potential donors of any scholarship for which I may be
eligible. Furthermore, I authorize the publication of my award and agree
to participate in an interview for this purpose.
Note: If you are including child care costs in the amount requested, please
submit an invoice or form demonstrating fees and indicating the name and
address of the facility.
Print Name