Doctoral Supervisory Committee Meeting Report – close meeting must be at least 20 minutes.
SGS POLICY: Students must meet ANNUALLY with the supervisory committee. The committee consists of at least 3 members, thesis supervisor and two other faculty with graduate
appointments. Either the committee or student may request to schedule another meeting at any given time, if necessary.
A. Student MUST COMPLETE sections A – G PRIOR to the meeting.
Student: Student ID: Meeting Date:
Analytical Environmental Inorganic
Date of first registration in the program (mm/yyyy):
Thesis/Project Title:
B. Degree Requirements
Courses Completed: Departmental Comprehensive Oral Exam:
Course Title Term
No, expected date:
Completed all required seminar presentations?
Yes No, expected date:
Achieving PhD candidacy Students must complete all degree requirements except for thesis by the end of their 3
year in the case of a four-year
program, or at the end of the 4th year of registration in the case of a five-year program (direct entry from BSc degree or PhD-transfer). Please
indicate your date to achieve candidacy: ______________________________
C. Attach a summary of presentations (note co-authors, title; sponsoring organization; location; oral or poster, date) and/or publications (note
those in prep., submitted, accepted, in press, published) for the past year.
D. Objectives for future work. Use a separate sheet, if necessary.
Courses: 1. 4.
2. 5.
3. 6.
Research Activities:
F. Indicate items you wish to discuss at this meeting. Use a separate sheet, if necessary.
G. Date of last committee meeting:
If the last committee meeting was over 12 months, provide explanation for the delay:
The chair of the committee must fill out the remainder of the report; chair is someone other than supervisor.
Progress of research (since last meeting): Unsatisfactory Satisfactory
Indicate problems & Potential Solutions:
Is the project likely to produce a satisfactory thesis within a reasonable amount of time? Yes No
Has the student completed all experiments required to write thesis? Yes No
Expected date of final oral defence (mm/yyyy) _____________________________________
Student’s overall progress in the graduate program: Unsatisfactory Satisfactory
ny two committee meetings appraised as unsatisfactory, whether consecutive or nonconsecutive, student will be terminated from the program.
Committees’ recommendations to student’s goals for future work, areas for improvement and address item(s) indicated in
section F. Indicate, if useful, additional expertise to advise on the project. Provide timeline for thesis writing and final oral exam
planning if student has completed experiments.
Student’s Signature: Were the items listed in section F addressed at this meeting?
Yes ______ No_______
Chair must ensure all members of the committee and student sign the form. The composition of the PhD Supervisory Committee must
remain the same throughout the doctoral program. If a member needs to be replaced, please forward another Doctoral Supervisory Committee
Enrolment form along with a letter of justification for the change.
Committee Members Print Name Signature Present Absent
Regular member:
Regular member:
Student Comments (Optional) – to be completed after the meeting. Student’s Initial:
Indicate comments or response to the above report and any other issues you may want to address. Use a separate sheet, if necessary.
Students must keep a copy for their own record and submit original copy to the Graduate Office, LM151.
***Either the committee or student may request to schedule another meeting at any given time, if necessary. ***