Request for Extension
In exceptional circumstances, a student who has failed to achieve candidacy (complete all the requirements for the doctoral
degree exclusive of thesis) within the period specified in the degree regulations—before the end of the third year (for a four- year
PhD and professional doctoral program) or the end of the fourth year (for a direct-entry five-year program and flexible-time option
PhD)may be considered for an extension for a maximum period of 12 months provided that the graduate unit concerned
approves. To apply for an extension, the student must present to the graduate unit concerned the causes for the delay and
evidence that the remaining candidacy requirements will be completed within the period of the extension requested.
Section 1: To be completed by the student.
Student Number:
Graduate Unit:
U of T Email:
Date of First Registration in Program:
Full-time: Part-time:
Indicate whether you are applying for a first or second extension to achieve candidacy: First Second
Student’s Signature:
Section 2: To be completed by the student’s advisor/supervisor.
Background information in support of the extension (attach additional pages, if required):
1. State the reasons for the failure to achieve candidacy.
2. Indicate the amount of work remaining to be done and a timetable for achieving candidacy during the proposed extension period
(less thesis).
3. Explain why it is reasonable to expect the work to be completed within the proposed extension period.
Extension to achieve candidacy (maximum of 12 months) recommended to:
April 30, 20______ August 31, 20______ December 31, 20______ Extension Refused*: Yes
Graduate Unit:
Section 3: Chair/Director/Graduate Coordinator Approval
Extension to achieve candidacy (maximum of 12 months) approved to:
April 30, 20 August 31, 20 December 31, 20 Extension Refused*: Yes
*Termination recommended
(requires SGS review, provide background documentation on why this decision has been made)
Non-standard second extension recommended (indicate duration above, maximum duration of 12 months)
(requires SGS review, documentation required (refer to ROSI Manual/5.66 Candidacy Assessment)
Graduate Unit:
Section 4: Vice-Dean, Students, School of Graduate Studies Approval
Request for Extension to Achieve Candidacy: Approved Denied
Vice-Dean’s Signature, School of Graduate Studies:
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act: