PSYB90H3 Supervised Introductory
Research Project in Psychology
2020-2021 Fall-Winter Sessions
Department of Psychology & Neuroscience
Course Description
This course provides an introduction to, and experience in, ongoing theoretical and empirical research in any field of
psychology. Supervision of the work is arranged by mutual agreement between student and instructor. Students will
typically engage in an existing research project within a supervisor’s laboratory. Regular consultation with the
supervisor is necessary, which will enhance communication skills and enable students to develop proficiency in
speaking about scientific knowledge with other experts in the domain. Students will also develop documentation and
writing skills through a final report and research journal.
NOTE: This course takes place across two consecutive terms (i.e., students receive a total of one half credit spread
across 2 semesters). Also note that this course can only satisfy "Additional credits in Psychology" program
Application Process
Please read and follow these instructions carefully. Note ROP299H1 and LINB98H3 are exclusions to PSYB90H3.
1) Read the General Information Sheet.
2) Complete the top portion of the application
3) Supervisor information:
a. In the application form, have your supervisor fill in your “Project Title” and provide their signature and
contact information.
Note: If your supervisor is not a member of the UTSC faculty, you must obtain a co-supervisor in
Psychology at UTSC, and also obtain their signature on the application form.
b. Together with your supervisor, write a one-page summary of the project to be completed along with the
marking scheme. Include this with your application form.
c. Your supervisor(s) must review your transcript to ensure you meet all the prerequisites for this course.
Submit your transcript with your application form.
d. Email the completed application package to Keely Hicks ( ) by Friday
August 21, 2020 at 5:00 pm.
PSYB90H3 Supervised Introductory
Research Project in Psychology
2020-2021 Fall-Winter Sessions
Department of Psychology & Neuroscience
Application Form
First Name:
Student #:
Last Name:
Phone #:
Project Title:
(appears on
(if relevant)
Confirm all prerequisites have been met by checking the boxes below:
At least an 80% average in PSYA01 and PSYA02
A minimum of 4.0 credits completed and no more than 9.5 credits completed
At least a 3.0 cGPA
Enrollment in a PSY, MHS, NRO, or LIN program
Notes: Please append an e-copy of the transcript from ACORN.
Please append an outline of the work to be performed
If the potential supervisor is not a member of the UTSC faculty, please indicate a co-supervisor in
Psychology at UTSC, and obtain their signature above.
PSYB90H3 Supervised Introductory
Research Project in Psychology
2020-2021 Fall-Winter Sessions
Department of Psychology & Neuroscience
General Information
Requirements and Deadlines
The supervised introductory research course is to be completed over two consecutive semesters, and is worth 0.5 credits.
You will gain fundamental research skills and hands on experience conducting psychological research. This work will
enable you to better understand and think about core findings in psychology which you will learn about in subsequent
courses at the B-, C-, and D-level, and in particular prepare you for research projects at the higher levels of the
psychology, mental health studies and psycholinguistics programs (e.g., theses, supervised studies).
The due date for your assignment is the last day of classes in the winter term: Monday, April 5, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. This is
a fixed university deadline and is NOT subject to change by you or by your faculty supervisor. A penalty of 5% per day
will apply after the due date. In extraordinary cases, an extension of up to 5 business days can be approved by the Chair
of the Division, and should be requested at the earliest possible time to Hanan Domloge,
Extensions beyond 5 business days can only be granted through a formal petition.
Ordinarily, you will begin the research at the start of the semester, meeting with your faculty supervisor to determine
the details and schedule of the project you will be working on. Once under way, you will work on carrying out the
project, meeting regularly with your supervisor(s) and fellow lab members.
Following each meeting, you will complete a research journal to keep you on track with your project (see Evaluation and
Submission section below).
Specific projects will require different levels of student involvement. However, you will have “hands-on” supervision of
the day-to-day work by your supervisor(s) and other members of the lab. The scope of the project will be reduced so
that you learn about the entire experimental project, but home in to develop proficiency in a narrower portion of the
project commensurate with the knowledge and skills of a second-year undergraduate student. The first entry in the
research journal should clearly outline your tasks and responsibilities. Toward the end of the winter semester, you
should be presenting drafts of your final report to your supervisor(s) for feedback and revision, so that everything can
be finalized by the deadlines specified above.
Undergraduate students conducting an independent research project for a course that involves human participants will
need to complete, along with their faculty supervisor, an Undergraduate Ethics Review Protocol Form Student-
Initiated Projects. It is the responsibility of both the student and the supervisor to understand and comply with federal
and University policies governing research involving humans and to submit an ethics protocol. This should be discussed
in your early meetings with your supervisor. Completed forms must be submitted both in soft copy to psychology- and hard copy to Ainsley Lawson (SW427C) for review by the Psychology Delegated
Ethics Review Committee prior to data collection. Once approved, a protocol number and expiry date will be provided.
Protocols may take up to 3-4 weeks to be reviewed so it is highly advisable to submit protocols early and within the first
term of the course-based research project to avoid delays in project completion. Course-based research reviewed
through the Psychology Delegated Ethics Review Committee must be minimal risk in order to proceed.
PSYB90H3 Supervised Introductory
Research Project in Psychology
2020-2021 Fall-Winter Sessions
Department of Psychology & Neuroscience
All inquiries concerning the progress of your research, writing requirements, evaluation, or any other issues related to
your project should be directed to your faculty or off-campus supervisor.
If you have an off-campus supervisor, you should provide them with a copy of these policies. Any questions or
concerns an off- campus supervisor has should be directed to the faculty co-supervisor.
Announcements and resources will be provided through the course Blackboard page throughout the year, and it is your
responsibility to check the page and your University of Toronto email address regularly.
Evaluation and Submission
Evaluation in the course will be based solely on the appraisal by your supervisor(s). The basic template rubric will
comprise the following:
1) Evaluation of lab work over the term (40% of grade). This includes attendance and contribution to lab
meetings, and conducting research in an efficient, effective and professional manager, including consistent
attendance and completion of tasks assigned by the supervisor (e.g., recording audio files, running participants,
coding data). Students will be expected to work at least 6 hours per week in a research lab (or on lab-related
tasks in the field).
2) Research journal (20% of grade). Each student is expected to keep a research journal to record their activities
every week, including lab hours, tasks and progress, research ideas, challenges encountered in their work, and
comments on discussions held with other lab members regarding the research project. This journal will also
include step-by-step tutorials that explain how they complete each task that they are assigned suitable for use in
educating other students on the technique.
3) Final Report (20% of grade). Students will provide a summary report on the skills that they acquired and how
the project advanced as a result of their contributions to the lab.
4) Additional requirements as assigned by supervisor(s) (20% of grade).
The submission procedure is as follows: No later than Monday, April 5, 2021 at 5:00 p.m., you will submit an electronic
PDF copy of your final report (including appendices) through the course Quercus page, and an identical copy of your
research paper to your supervisor. The date and time of your submission will be recorded by Quercus, which will be
used to apply any late penalties.
You will receive written feedback from your supervisor(s). Off-campus supervisors will be required to submit the final
mark, breakdown of grades and feedback on the final paper directly to the on-campus faculty co-supervisor via email
no later than 1-2 weeks after the due date.
[Note: Whether or not the research works out as anticipated will not affect your grade. You will be graded on the quality
of your work and you will in no way be penalized if the data are not ideal.]
You and your supervisor may agree on an arrangement for the work to be undertaken and for scheduling along the way,
but the rules you have just read above apply to all Psychology research students and cannot be contravened in individual