UTSC Parking Services
Student Parking Permit Refund Application Form
Please complete this form if you are requesting a partial refund of a UTSC Student Parking
Permit. Only permits that were valid during the month of March 2020 are eligible for a partial
All refunds will be processed remotely, there will be no in person transactions at this time.
Please submit the completed form to: parking@utsc.utoronto.ca and we will respond within 10
business days.
Refund Schedule
The refund amounts are calculated based on the first date of restricted access on campus:
March 16th 2020 to the end of the validity period of the permit. There are no refunds for prox
Permit Type Refund Amount
North Lot Fall/Winter $162.60
North Lot Winter $182.11
Residence Fall/Winter $187.19
Residence Winter $209.65
March Monthly $60.30
Full Name (as it appears on your Student Records)
First Name Last Name
Student Records Information
UTORID Student Number
Parking Permit Number
Contact Information
Email (UTORONTO email addresses only) Phone Number
Refund Payment Information
If you made your original purchase on a debit card, you have the option of receiving a refund
cheque by mail, or you can attend the Parking Office in person in October to process the
refund on to your debit card.
If you choose to receive your refund by cheque, please allow 6-8 weeks for mail delivery from
the date your request is processed.
Refund option On Debit Card - In person - In October
Cheque via mail
Mailing Address:
If you made your original purchase on a credit card, the refund will be put back on the same
credit card. If you choose not complete the credit card information on this form, we will contact
the phone number provided above and process the request on the phone.
Name as it appears on Credit Card Credit Card Type
Mastercard Other
Credit Card Number Card Expiry Date CVV on back of Card
Additional comments/requests: