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Transfer Credit Forfeit Form for High School and Secondary Curriculums
This form is to be used by students admitted to University of Toronto Scarborough’s 2020-2021 session who received
transfer credits for secondary school studies and wish to change or forfeit transfer credits. Students must complete all
sections of this form before submission. This form should be submitted to
using your email address.
Name: _____________________________ __ Student Number: ____________________ _____
Important information:
Deadline to forfeit: October 30, 2020
If you were given two half credit courses, you must forfeit both half credits.
If you have subsequently completed post-secondary studies, you are not eligible to apply for forfeit.
This form applies only to transfer credits granted for the 2020-2021 session.
Transfer credits and corresponding exclusions (if any) will be deleted from your academic record in ACORN
Please check ACORN after 7-10 business days.
Forfeited transfer credits will be subsequently removed from Degree Explorer.
You are encouraged to meet with a staff member at the Academic Advising & Career Centre before altering
transfer credits.
If you wish to speak with a staff member at Admissions & Student Recruitment before forfeiting your credits,
please email
with your top three available times and dates.
I wish to forfeit the following transfer credit(s):
Transfer Credit Source and Subject
Choose from: AP, CAPE, Cambridge Pre-
U, French Baccalaureate, GCE or IB
Assigned Transfer Credit and
As seen on Degree Explorer or ACORN
For Students Awarded 3.0 AP Credits
If you wish to replace your forfeited
credit for another eligible credit, please
list the replacement subject below.
E.G. AP Chinese Language & Culture
Exclusions: LGGA60H3, LGGA61H3
AP Biology
Reason for forfeiting the credit(s) ______________________________________________________________________
Please initial next to each statement and provide a digital signature below.
I understand that forfeited transfer credits cannot be reinstated at a later date.
I understand that I have the opportunity to meet with a staff member in Admissions & Student Recruitment or
the Academic Advising & Career Centre before forfeiting my transfer credit(s). It is my responsibility to contact
the staff at Admissions & Student Recruitment or the AA&CC to request a meeting.
Student’s Signature: ____________________________________________________________________
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