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RB/CISR 101.02 (06/2018)
Immigration and Refugee Board of C anada
Counsel Contact Information
Counsel Contact Information
To be completed by counsel
Providing the following information to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) will allow the divisions to verify that counsel is an authorized
representative pursuant to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.
Given name and surname
Law firm or company
Street number and street name
Suite #
Province Postal code
Landline telephone number
( )
Cellphone number
( )
Fax number
( )
Email address
Membership of a professional body
Check one
Lawyer / paralegal / notary: ___________ Membership identification number _________________________________
Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council
Membership identification number _______
You only have to provide this information to the IRB once and you do not
need to complete a separate form for each proceeding.
However, if there is any change to your contact information, please
complete a new form and provide it to the IRB without delay
Where the rules of the IRB division reviewing your client's case
allow for limitations on your retainer, you must also notify the
division in any proceeding where this applies.
Notice: The confidentiality of the information you provide in this form is
protected by the Privacy Act. Your personal information may be disclosed
only in circumstances where such disclosure is permitted under the terms of
the Privacy Act and the Access to Information Act.