July 2018
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Appointment of a Designated Representative for Accompanied Minors
The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada appoints a designated representative for minors (children under the age
of 18). When a minor is accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or other close family member, it is the Refugee Protection
Division’s (RPD) standard procedure to appoint this person as the designated representative, unless a review of the file
indicates that this person may not be able to fulfill the duties of a designated representative. If you have any minor
children accompanying you in your claim, please sign below to indicate your acceptance or refusal of the role of
designated representative and submit this form to the RPD when you submit your Basis of Claim Form. Please note
that only one parent needs to sign this form. Generally, it is the parent who completes the minors Basis of Claim Form.
As the designated representative, you must be 18 years of age or older, you must understand the nature of the proceedings,
you must act in the best interests of the minor, you must attend any hearings or other proceedings related to the claim and
you must not have any interests that conflict with those of the minor claimant.
Being the designated representative does not mean acting as counsel. The responsibilities of a designated representative
include, but are not limited to:
Deciding whether to retain counsel and giving instructions to counsel, if applicable;
Making other decisions regarding the case or assisting the minor claimant to make those decisions;
Informing the minor claimant about the various stages and procedures in the processing of their case;
Helping to get evidence to support the case and/or being a witness at the hearing if necessary;
Protecting the interests of the minor claimant and putting forward the best possible case to the RPD;
Informing and consulting the minor claimant when making decisions about the case; and
Filing and perfecting an appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division, if applicable.
For more information regarding the role and any additional responsibilities, please consult the Designated Representatives
Guide, which can be found online at: https://irb-cisr.gc.ca/en/designated-representant/Pages/index.aspx
Please note that the appointment of the designated representative is at the discretion of the RPD and the RPD may change
the designation at a later date.
Yes, I, ________________________________, agree to act as the designated representative for:
Name of minor
Date of birth of minor
Relationship to minor
(add additional pages if there are more minors)
No, I, ______________________________, refuse to act as the designated representative for the minors
accompanying me.
Claimant’s signature: ___________________________ Date: ____________________________________
Interpretation: I did not require an interpreter This form was interpreted from English to ________________
by _____________________________ Interpreters signature: __________________________________________