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COSM 100 Cosmetology I (17.5 units)
This is the first course in a series that provides the fundamental training towards the state mandated minimum hours
designed to prepare the student for the California State Board of Cosmetology examination for licensure. A combination of
both lecture and laboratory activities introduces the student to theoretical concepts, principles and practice in the beauty
industry. Critical thinking skills are developed in the areas of communication, hair care, nail care, record keeping, and
business decorum. Students enrolling in this course must attend the Mandatory Information Sessions. See the schedule of
classes for location, dates, and times. The cost of start-up materials, uniforms, textbooks, and equipment kit is approximately
$1,000.00. To qualify for the State Board of Cosmetology examination for a cosmetology license, students must have
completed all state mandated clocked time including the following: designated subject area of practical operations, completed
the 10
grade or equivalent, be at least 17 years of age, and current state or federally issued photographic identification. For
more information;