Arts and Humanities/General Education
Student Education Plan First Semester
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Educational Goal:
GE Option:
ENGL 001
LR 010 Must be taken with ENGL 001
ENGL 310D Suggested if overall HS GPA is 2.6 or
below unless Jr/Sr English grades of B or better
MATH 012
MATH 312Suggested if overall HS GPA is below 3.0
(or below 2.3 if completed precalculus or higher)
One class from Sampler List (see below)
COMM 001 (optional if taking ENGL 310D, otherwise
necessary to be a full-time student with 12+ units)
Counselor Name (if known):
Sampler List below
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Sampler List
ART 010: Art 010 Art Appreciation
An introductory examination of the cultural, universal, and personal factors influencing the making and viewing of art. Including a study
of style, composition, materials and techniques used in the creation of art from disparate cultures and periods of history. Field trip may be
CINA 010: Cinematography 010 Introduction to Cinema Studies
Introduction to the close analysis of film texts. Examines the broad questions of form and content, aesthetics and meaning, and history and
culture. Explores the diverse possibilities presented by the cinematic art form through an examination of a wide variety of productions,
national cinemas, and film movements. Topics include modes of production, narrative and non-narrative forms, visual design, editing,
sound, genre, ideology and critical analysis. Written exams, film screenings, and film discussion are required.
CINA 011: Cinematography 011 American Cultures in Film
A film studies approach to understanding ethnicity, culture, race, discrimination, gender, class and pluralism in America. Includes
screenings of films by and/or about Asian Americans, African-Americans, European Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans,
and selected readings, written critical analysis and discussion.
MUSC 008: Music 008 Music Appreciation
An introductory examination of how composers and songwriters apply the various elements of music to heighten the expressive impact of
a composition. Aspects of melody, rhythm, harmony, tone, and structure are studied through focused listening of works from the
Renaissance to contemporary styles of avant-garde and popular music. This course requires no previous musical study.
MUSC 013: Music 013 Multicultural Music in America
A survey of multicultural music in America; listening to and analyzing examples of multicultural music in relation to social, technical, and
historical trends, including the role of music in influencing American attitudes toward ethnic identity, stereotyping, and racial prejudice.
This course also examines the uniquely American style resulting from the interaction among musicians of many cultural, racial, national,
and ethnic backgrounds.
Or any course numbered #1-49 from CSU GE Area C1.