Controlled Burning Emergency Action Plan
Fires outside of metal fire pits or grills that are designed to contain flames require completion
of the Controlled Burning Emergency Action Plan form. This form must be submitted to
Associate Dean of Greek Life Alexis Hurdle,, and Safety Officer Jon Carvell,, no later than five (5) days prior to the event. All actions indicated on the
safety checklist must be completed before burning.
Location of Fire:
Purpose of Fire:
Names of Individuals Assigned to Fire Watch:
Safety Checklist: Material to be burned consists of wood only
Burn pile is no larger than three feet in diameter and two feet in height
Burn pile is at least 50 feet from the nearest structure or vehicle
Burn pile is at least 25 feet from the nearest property line
Fire will be attended at all times
Water hose and/or sufficient water is available to completely extinguish
the fire in the event that it spreads
Wind Advisory has not been issued for Jonesboro or Craighead County
Burn Ban has not been issued for Craighead County
University Police Department has been notified
Jonesboro Fire Department has been notified
Chapter Advisor / President:
Signature: Date:
Phone Number:
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