Arkansas State University Jonesboro
Sponsored Programs Accounting
Tuition Remission Statement
*Please include this form with the Student Payment Request Form
Date: ______________ Student Name: _____________________________
Principal Investigator: ______________________________
Please check all that apply:
This student has been approved by the graduate school to be a graduate
research assistant
This student is enrolled in a degree program that is related to the field of
study of the award(s).
This student is performing duties that are necessary for performance of
the award(s).
Please list the FOAP(s) and the percentages that are currently used to pay
the student:
______________________________________ _______________
______________________________________ _______________
______________________________________ _______________
The tuition remission must be in proportion to the salary distribution for
the entire academic session (Fall, Spring, Summer I or Summer II). If the
salary distribution changes, the PI must coordinate with Sponsored
Programs to change the tuition payment distribution.
PI Signature Date