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1. Background Check: Students who are offered a GA position with ASU will be required to authorize background checks as a
condition of employment.
2. Application: This application will only be considered for the term selected on page one and should be submitted directly to the
department that has the desired Graduate Assistant position. A new application form must be submitted for each new period that
an assistantship is desired.
3. GPA Requirement: Graduate Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 on graduate work in order to be eligible for a
Graduate Assistant position.
4. Credit Hour Requirements: Master and Specialist GAs must complete a minimum of six hours of graduate credit during a
regular semester. Their total credit hours (graduate and undergraduate) cannot exceed 12. Three graduate credit hours are
required in the combined summer terms in order to hold a GA position in any summer term. Total summer credit hours may not
exceed seven per summer term. Doctoral GAs are required to take a minimum of nine credit hours during the regular semester and
three credit hours during each summer term an assistantship is held. ASU's system currently does not update to reflect the full-time
status of GAs who meet these registration requirements. Please contact the Graduate School if validation of full-time status is
5. Work Hours: Graduate Assistants are expected to work an average of 20 hours a week.
6. Duties and Responsibilities: The Chair of the department or Director of the unit in which the assistantship is held will assign
the duties and responsibilities.
7. Term Limitations: The Master and Specialist assistantships will have a maximum time limit of five semesters. An exception is
made for students admitted based on a Bachelor's Degree rather than a Master's Degree to the Ed.S. in Psychology and Counseling;
these students will have a maximum time limit of eight semesters. Doctoral assistantships will have a maximum time limit of eight
semesters. Two summer terms of five weeks each will count as one semester in all programs.
8. Tuition: Master Graduate Assistants will receive instate tuition, and Doctoral Graduate Assistants receive a full tuition waiver.
The Credit Hour and GPA requirement must be met, and a waiver form must be filled out in Student Accounts in order to receive
the appropriate tuition adjustment.
9. Employment: Graduate Assistants may not be employed elsewhere on campus.
10. Additional Information: Some departments may request additional information such as a resume and/or a potential work
schedule. Please contact the department directly to see if they require the submission of any additional documentation with the
GA Application.
Graduate Assistant Policies
I have read and understand the regulations of the Graduate School with respect to Graduate Assistantships.
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Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Yes No
A "Yes" response will not automatically disqualify an applicant from employment consideration. Each application will
be evaluated based on the nature of the crime, when it occurred, and the duties and responsibilities of the position
for which you are being considered.
NoYesAre you required to register as a convicted child or sex offender?
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