Office of Sponsored Programs Accounting
Advance Fund Request Form
Principal Investigator(s): ________________________________________________________________________________________
Department:____________________________________________ College: _______________________________________________
Sponsoring Agency: _____________________________________________ Award No. (if available): ________________________
Prime Sponsor (If subcontract): _____________________________________________ Proposal No.: ________________________
Project Title: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Period of Authorization: From _______________ To _______________ Expected Award Begin Date: ________________________
Award Information: New _______ Continuation _______ FOP for Continuation Project: F __________ O __________ P _________
Funding Source: Federal ____ Pass-through ____ State ____ Local/Private ____ Federal Appropriation ____ State Appropriation ____
Estimated Award Amount: $_____________________________ Requested Advance Amount: $ _____________________________
F&A (indirect cost) _______________% of Base _____________
Justification: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Principal Investigator Certification:
I certify costs incurred will be expended within the sponsor approved performance period and budget categories in accordance with all
University, Federal, State and Sponsoring agency regulations as well as guidelines pertaining to Human Subjects, Animal Subjects, and
Conflicts of Interest. In addition, I realize dates of service of employees hired under this agreement are limited to the performance
period of the agreement.
Principal Investigator _____________________________________________________ Date _______________________
Please attach a copy of the proposal and budget to this advance form—Sponsored Programs will not set up an
advance without this information, and an advance form received without it will be returned to the PI.
Department Chair/ Dean Certification:
In authorizing the establishment of this advance fund on behalf of the PI, I assume the financial risk in the event the award is not made
by the sponsoring agency, accepted by the University, or if expenditures incurred are found to be unallowable and/or outside of the
University, State, Federal, and/or Sponsoring agency regulations. I authorize the following Banner FOP to be charged for any and all
expenses incurred if such aforementioned events occur:
Fund ______________ Organization ______________ Program _____________ Approved Amount: $ _________________________
Department Chair _________________________________________ Date _______________________
Dean ____________________________________________________ Date _______________________
Associate Vice Chancellor of Research / Office of Research and Technology Transfer Authorization:
_________________________________________________________ ___________________________