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Building Information
Building Services
Complete this form to submit at City Hall. Or, use to submit your application entirely online.
This form is to be used in combination with a Building Permit
application for new construction or for projects where
there is a change of use, change in space, change of tenant, or change in square footage. Complete as applicable.
New or Added Square Footage (for new construction or additions only):
All Buildings Existing (Before) Proposed (After)
# of Stories (including basements)
# of Parking Spaces
# of Dwelling Units
Single Family/Duplex Only (square footages) Existing (Before) Proposed (After)
Basement (unfinished)
Basement (finished)
1st Floor
2nd Floor
3rd Floor
Covered deck/patio
Uncovered deck/patio
Accessory dwelling unit
Shed, barn, other
Non-Residential Existing (Before) Proposed (After)
Use (per KZC)
Square Footage
Tenant Name
ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR INFORMATION (complete for NEW single family residential ONLY)
Contractor Name:
Contractor Company Name:
Contractor Mailing Address:
Contractor's L&I License No.:
Contractor's WA State UBI No.:
OWNER IS CONTRACTOR - I have read, signed and am now submitting the Property Owner/Renter/Lessee
Affidavit per RCW 19.28.261.
Owner/Agent Printed Name:
Owner/Agent Signature: Date: