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Single Family
Plumbing Worksheet
Building Services
This form is to be used in combination with a Plumbing or Building Permit Application when new or additional plumbing
fixtures are to be installed in a new or existing single family residence and/or an accessory dwelling unit (ADU).
Sewer District:
Kirkland Northshore
Redmond On Septic System
Water District:
Kirkland Northshore
Woodinville Bellevue
Distance from meter to most remote outlet (in feet):
Difference in elevation between meter and lowest fixture (in feet):
Difference in elevation between meter and highest fixture (in feet):
Pressure in street main (in psi, measured with a pressure gauge or check with water district):
Proposed or existing water meter size (measure or check with water district):
The total number and type of plumbing fixtures located within the single family residence and/or ADU must be entered
into the table below. The resulting total fixture unit count is needed to determine what size water meter is required to
serve the domestic water needs.
2015 UPC Table 610.3 - Number of Plumbing Fixtures (including rough-ins)
Plumbing Fixtures
Dwelling Unit
Main Residence
Fixture Count
x Multiplier
Fixture Units
Bar sink x 1.0 =
Bathtub or combo
x 4.0 =
Clothes washer x 4.0 =
Dishwasher x 1.5 =
Hose bibb, first x 2.5 =
Hose bibb, addt'l x 1.0 =
Kitchen sink x 1.5 =
Laundry sink x 1.5 =
(Bathroom sink)
x 1.0 =
Lawn Sprinklers*
(each head)
x 1.0 =
Shower, stand alone
(list each head)
x 2.0 =
Water closet
x 2.5 =
Other: x =
Total Fixture Units:
If the total fixture unit count exceeds 39, an additional $14,954 in Facility Charges for a 1" meter will be due at permit
issuance. Completing the Alternate Fixture Unit Calculation using Table C 303.1(1) on Page 2 may result in a fixture unit
count not exceeding 39.
* See Lawn Sprinkler Exception on Page 2.
Single Family Plumbing Worksheet - continued
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This approved alternate method of calculating fixture units typically results in a lower fixture count than when using
Table 610.3 on Page 1. This table takes into consideration "groups" of fixtures, such as Kitchen Units, Bathroom Units,
and Laundry Units, instead of looking at each individual fixture.
2015 UPC Table C 303.1(1) - Number of Plumbing Fixtures (including rough-ins)
Dwelling Unit
Main Residence
Fixture Count
x Multiplier
Fixture Units
Bathroom Groups (select one that best reflects the total combination of full and half-baths)
One Bathroom Group x 5.0 =
One and a Half Bathroom Groups x 6.0 =
Two Bathroom Groups x 7.0 =
Two and a Half Bathroom Groups x 8.0 =
Three Bathroom Groups x 9.0 =
Additional Bathroom Groups (for groups in addition to the above)
Each additional Half-Bath or Powder Room x 0.5 =
Each additional Bathroom Group x 1.0 =
Laundry Groups
Each Laundry Room
(includes one Sink and one Clothes Washer)
x 5.0 =
Kitchen Groups
Each Kitchen Group
(includes one Sink and one Dishwasher)
x 2.0 =
Additional Units (fixtures and multipliers from Table 610.3 )
Each additional Shower Head x 2.0 =
Each Clothes Washer (without a laundry sink) x 4.0 =
Lawn Sprinklers (each head)* x 1.0 =
Bar Sink x 1.0 =
Hose Bibb, first x 2.5 =
Hose Bibb, additional x 1.0 =
Total Fixture Units:
1. A bathroom group, for the purpose of this table, consists of one water closet, up to two sinks, and either one bathtub
or one shower.
2. A half-bath or powder room, for the purpose of this table, consists of one water closet and one sink.
3. See 2015 UPC Appendix C for scope and application of alternate plumbing systems.
Lawn sprinklers may be excluded from the fixture count and fixture unit count if the sprinklers are on a timer that
operates only during periods of low water demand and the statement below is signed and dated.
(Printed Name of Owner or Owner's Agent)
, declare that the lawn sprinklers will be on a timer
that will operate the sprinklers during periods of low demand only.
Lawn Sprinkler Exception