Attendance Agreement
Student Activities
Cerritos College
I understand that I am attending this conference/retreat/event as a representative of Cerritos
College and that the students attending Cerritos College have paid my expenses. I understand
that I am to conduct myself in a responsible manner and agree to the following:
I am currently enrolled in a minimum of 5 units at Cerritos College, have a 2.0 GPA
and have paid my Cerritos College Student Activities Fee (CCSA).
I will attend and participate in all scheduled workshops, activities and events.
I understand that my cell phone, pager or other non-medical devises will only be used
during (free-time) hours.
Education Code prohibits alcoholic beverages or illegal substances being consumed
during a college function regardless of students’ age. (For the student’s protection,
prescriptions should be registered on the medical consent form)
No inappropriate behavior will be allowed, nor any behavior that would endanger
No outside visitors will be permitted to participate in the conference/retreat/event or
activities. (no exceptions)
Any violation of the Cerritos College Student Code of Conduct during the
conference/retreat/event may result in disciplinary action, which could include
suspension and/or expulsion and any violation of these sections, then permission to be
on campus or to attend campus activities shall be deemed immediately revoked.
My failure to comply with these guidelines may result in my returning home
immediately at my own expense.
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