Cerritos College
Education Records Privacy Protection Protocol
Access Authorization Quiz
1. Please read the excerpted Faculty Senate President’s memo on FERPA Best
Practices and the document titled Cerritos College Key FERPA Definitions; links
to both are on the Education Records Privacy Protection Protocol web pages.
2. Please complete the quiz. You may respond to the 12 items on-screen and print
your completed quiz or you may print it and respond in ink on the paper copy. (Sorry,
but responses cannot be saved and the quiz cannot be submitted electronically.)
Typically, the quiz takes less than 5 minutes.
3. Take or send your completed quiz to the Dean of Admissions, Records and Services
in the Administration Building. Online records access will be enabled by the Dean for
authorized college employees who successfully complete and submit the quiz.
1. The United States Department of Education is authorized to bring complaints
against community colleges for failure to comply with FERPA.
True _____
False _____
2. Student test papers and reports must not be passed to them through anyone else.
True _____
False _____
3. Education Records include, but are not limited to, address of the student,
emergency contact information, identification number, picture, grades, test scores,
letters about a student, individualized education plans, disciplinary records, and health
and medical records.
True _____
False _____
4. Specified types of information have been defined by Cerritos College as “Directory
Information” for FERPA purposes.
While this information may be released without prior written consent of the student,
individuals asking for such information should be referred to the Dean of Admissions,
Records and Services to submit a request.
True _____
False _____
5. Information in transcripts, grade books, graded homework, rosters and roll sheets,
certain video and audio recordings, graded tests, and other materials with protected
Education Record information must not be shared with others unless permitted by
Cerritos College policy.
True _____
False _____
6. An email message, according to current law, cannot provide a valid signature for
purposes of release of Education Records that are protected by FERPA.
True _____
False _____
7. No prior consent of a student is required in order to release his/her Education
Record to comply with a duly issued court order or subpoena.
True _____
False _____
8. Posting student grades of any type is prohibited, unless a confidential code is
assigned to each student, the confidentiality of the code is maintained, and students
are not listed in alphabetical order and did not all receive the same grade. Posting of
grades is still strongly discouraged because of the burden of assuring and confirming
that student codes have been kept confidential.
True _____
False _____
9. Even though a student invites discussion of protected information within hearing of
others, a signed release from the student is still required before making such
information audible or otherwise knowable to others.
True _____
False _____
10. Faculty teaching classes must not provide anyone with the names of students
enrolled in classes, except those authorized by Cerritos College policy who have a
legitimate educational purpose and are college officials acting in the scope of their
assigned duties.
True _____
False _____
11. Parents, spouses, significant others, and other family members are usually not
authorized to have access to Education Records and authorization to make rare
exceptions to this regulation is limited to being done by the Dean of Admissions,
Records and Services.
True _____
False _____
12. It is important to be very careful about information left on voicemail and the like.
Such information must not include any information protected by FERPA. Also,
Education Records and other protected information that has been printed must be
shredded and computer programs be fully closed, materials deleted, and systems
logged off when use is finished.
True _____
False _____
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