Dear: ________________________
We are pleased to inform you that your application for admission to Cerritos College has been
accepted and we are enclosing your:
Permanent Student Number ________________
Your permanent student number is utilized to identify all of your official college documents.
Any inquiry about your records, registration, or file must make reference to this number.
Please carry it with you at all times.
General information regarding admissions and our Online Portal (MyCerritos) have been
provided to you in this packet.
Please visit our website www.cerritos.edu for important information and links to many on-
campus programs that may be available to you.
Counseling is available if you need assistance in developing an educational plan. Although this
advisement is available during enrollment, we strongly recommend that you meet with a
counselor prior to enrolling in classes.
If you have any questions concerning your educational program at Cerritos College, please call
(562) 860-2451, extension 2211.
Thank You,
Admissions Staff
Cerritos College
Admissions, Records, & Services