Cerritos Community College District Procedure
No. 2900
Board of Trustees
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The final authority for naming District facilities rests with the Board of Trustees. 4
The Board of Trustees has delegated to the President/Superintendent the authority to 5
coordinate and recommend the processes and criteria for the consideration of the naming 6
of facilities. 7
General Considerations 8
A. Facilities that may be considered for naming 9
1. All buildings, structures, areas located at the District that are not currently 10
named. 11
2. All lecture halls, classrooms, studios, labs, athletic facilities and permanent 12
fixtures. 13
3. All areas where students, staff and the public gather, including walkways, 14
benches and gardens. 15
4. Other items (such as major equipment) if appropriate for naming purposes. 16
5. As a general criterion, new, updated, modernized and existing buildings shall 17
be named for an individual or group when a monetary gift is involved. Other 18
facilities may be named for a monetary gift, an individual or group rendering 19
exceptional service and achieving such unique distinction to warrant 20
recognition, prestigious individuals or organizations, or other purposes. 21
B. Process and Criteria for Naming Facilities 22
1. Requests for naming buildings, structures, classrooms, labs, or areas on 23
campus shall be submitted in writing to the President/Superintendent by 24
completing the Request for Naming of Facilities form. 25
2. The President/Superintendent shall forward the request(s) to the College 26
Coordinating Committee and Executive Director of Foundation and Community 27
Advancement to review and make a recommendation. 28
3. The President/Superintendent shall forward the College Coordinating 29
Committee and Executive Director of Foundation and Community 30
Advancement’s recommendation to accept, deny, or modify the naming of a 31
building, structure, classroom, lab, or area on campus to the Board of Trustees 32
for final review and decision. 33
4. Proposals for recognition may originate from departments, college 34
organizations or entities within the District. 35
C. Signage 36
External 37
1. Buildings to be named should normally bear the last name of the person and 38
the building name, e.g., “The Doe Memorial Library,” in a typeface and style 39
consistent with campus signage. The lettering of the nameplate shall be 40
reviewed by the Vice President of Business Services and 41
President/Superintendent and submitted for consideration of approval to the 42
Board of Trustees. 43
2. A plaque of appropriate materials and design, permanently affixed to the 44
outside of the wall nearest the front entrance listing the name of the person for 45
whom the building is named and their connection to the District, the building 46
and architect, the Board of Trustees and the President/Superintendent at the 47
time any new building is constructed and dedicated or in the case of extensive 48
remodeling and rededication. 49
3. All areas where students, staff, and the public gather, including walkways, 50
benches, and gardens may also be identified with a plaque or 51
acknowledgement plate of appropriate materials and design mounted near the 52
area. The plaque or acknowledgement plate design should be consistent with 53
the design of the facility and easily maintained. 54
Internal 55
Lecture halls, classrooms, reception areas, and labs named may also be identified 56
with a plaque or lettering of appropriate materials and design mounted on the wall 57
in close proximity to the main entrance to the named facility. 58
D. Duration of Naming Recognition 59
Naming of District property may be granted by the Board of Trustees as either 60
permanent or for a defined period of time. The recommendation to the Board shall 61
include the recommended duration of the recognition. 62
E. Transferability of Naming Recognition 63
Naming of a designated piece of District property shall not survive the named 64
property’s existence. Should the named property be removed or redesigned for 65
another use the naming recognition shall not automatically be assigned to its 66
replacement or any other like property without the express authorization of the 67
Board of Trustees. A recommendation for the transfer of the naming rights may 68
be presented to the Board of Trustees for consideration at any time within the 69
originally defined recognition period. 70
Specific Considerations 71
Requests for naming a District facility must meet one of the following criteria: 72
A. Naming a structure, classroom, lab, facility or area for individual service to 73
the District 74
1. The following criteria shall be used in naming a District facility in honor of an 75
individual or group: 76
Rendered service documented as clearly and measurably exceeding in 77
quality and accomplishment than what might be ordinarily expected of 78
someone occupying the same position. 79
Rendered service over a period of at least ten years. 80
Materially and profoundly contributed to the overall advancement of the 81
institution through any combination of the following: facilities 82
improvements; program development and enhancements; fostering 83
consensus building; noteworthy fundraising; creation of partnerships with 84
business, industry, and other public and private agencies that clearly 85
advance the institution; providing leadership that clearly and significantly 86
contributes to the advancement of the institution; is recognized in the field 87
of education, business and industry, or government as having made 88
significant contributions to the educational profession, economic 89
development of the region, or to workforce development thereby bringing 90
status and recognition to the institution; and/or other pertinent criteria. 91
Made exceptional contributions to the District considered to be equivalent 92
or nearly equivalent to the value of the facility or area to be named for 93
him/her in terms of institutional advancement. 94
Achieved such unique distinction as to warrant recognition. 95
2. As a general rule, if the request is to honor a living person, the individual may 96
not be an employee or trustee at the time of consideration. Individuals will not 97
be considered for this honor until at least three years following the individual’s 98
separation from the District. Under extraordinary circumstances, this 99
requirement may be waived. 100
3. If the request is to honor a deceased person, the recommendation should be 101
made free from emotion and transitory pressure; therefore, no request shall be 102
considered until the individual has been deceased at least one year. 103
4. An appropriate relationship between the use of the facility or its function and 104
the person for whom it will be named should exist. 105
5. Requests should include a rationale for requesting the naming of the facility 106
and evidence of a broad base of support, with a minimum of three letters of 107
support. If appropriate, a detailed biography of the person for whom the facility 108
is to be named should also be included. 109
B. Naming a building, structure, classroom, lab, or area of recognition for a 110
monetary gift to the District 111
1. Facilities may be named for a benefactor or an individual nominated by a 112
benefactor. 113
2. Such facilities will not be named in return for deferred estate gifts unless the 114
gifts are part of an irrevocable trust. Such facilities will not be named for 115
persons making gifts of property (real or personal) until the gift is converted to 116
liquid assets. Under extraordinary circumstances, this requirement may be 117
waived. 118
3. The significance and amount of the proposed gift shall be taken into 119
consideration as either or both relate to the realization, completion, or 120
enhancement of a facility or property. 121
4. A District facility may be named for individuals or organizations responsible for 122
a “major gift” benefiting the college. The term “major gift” in this context is 123
deliberately not defined by arbitrary standards or by a specific dollar amount. 124
Its interpretation is meant to be flexible so that each situation may be judged 125
on its own merits and may take into account significant contributions or 126
personal services as well as monetary or in-kind gifts. It is expected that each 127
naming opportunity will recognize the donor according to the level of gift and 128
size of facility as outlined in the approved naming opportunities brochure. 129
5. The donor gift shall be in an amount which will either fund the total cost of the 130
facility to be named or provide the funding for the portion of the total cost which 131
would not have been available from any other source (such as federal or state 132
loans or appropriations, student fees, bond issues, etc.), with the latter to 133
constitute a significant portion of the total cost of the facility to be named. 134
6. Monetary gifts may be fulfilled over time but must be paid in full prior to opening 135
or dedication of the building or facility, unless otherwise stipulated by the donor 136
agreement. 137
C. Naming a structure, classroom, lab, or area for a person(s), groups, or other 138
purposes when neither a monetary gift nor service is involved 139
Names of facilities or areas should lend prestige to the District and to staff, 140
students, and the community. The credentials, character, and reputation of each 141
individual, organization, or corporation for the naming being considered shall be 142
carefully scrutinized and evaluated. Proposals to name a District facility for other 143
purposes such as its function shall adhere to the guidelines specified within this 144
procedure. Nominations submitted for consideration must be accompanied by 145
sufficient rationale and supporting documentation. 146
Discontinuing the Name of a Facility 147
The Cerritos Community College District recognizes that the name conferred on a District 148
facility or location in recognition of an individual or group is an important factor in the 149
public image of the College. It reflects upon both the College and the location itself. 150
Accordingly, the Board of Trustees may discontinue an approved name when the Board 151
determines that it is no longer appropriate for the College to retain the name previously 152
assigned to the facility, location or area. 153
Office of Primary Responsibility: President/Superintendent 154
Date Approved:
January 14, 2008
Dates Revised:
September 13, 2010; April 11, 2011; October 14, 2013
Cerritos College
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